InterAct for Change - Executive Director of HEY

Executive Director of HEY

InterAct for Change
8230 Montgomery Road
Ste 300
Cincinnati OH 45236

Job Type: ,
Compensation: $130,000 - $150,000
Posted Date: 05/22/2024
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Apply today as the Executive Director of HEY for InterAct for Change.


Executive Director of HEY

Job Description

The Executive Director will lead the execution of HEY! Greater Cincinnati’s agenda is to improve youth mental health and well-being across the region dramatically. The leader will champion a compelling vision for the collaborative and execute a community-wide plan to achieve that vision.

The Executive Director will mobilize diverse community partners, resources, and youth to drive collective impact. Finally, the leader will ensure that we measure results and track our community’s progress, adapt over time, and scale what works to make our region a leader in supporting the well-being of our youth.


Job Responsibilities

Provide strategic guidance toward the shared vision

  • Steward a common agenda, vision, and goals across the collaborative’s bodies.
  • Lead the collaborative development of strategies to advance the common agenda while responding to emergent challenges and opportunities.
  • Ensure the collaborative’s strategies and activities reflect a commitment to equity.
  • Ensure information flows appropriately across the initiative’s various groups and maintain communication with individual participants to sustain their engagement.
  • Serve as a thought leader and innovator for the work.

Guide aligned activities

  • Lead the overall work plan for the initiative at all levels, including planning and implementation.
  • Direct the initiative’s administration, including budget, information systems, other staff member(s), and support functions.
  • Determine the needed resources, staffing, and support to meet the initiative’s goals and expand the necessary infrastructure.
  • Create realistic timelines to accomplish tasks, balancing community and steering committee needs
  • Facilitate and plan regular Steering Committee and Policy Advisory Committee meetings with the Executive Committee.
  • Build an inclusive culture for all initiative members, prioritizing the belonging and safety of those community members who need us the most.
  • Facilitate collaboration among the Youth Fellows, the Steering Committee, and the Working.

Groups, while always centering the voice and leadership of youth

  • Support communication, planning, and implementation of priority activities.

Cultivate community engagement and ownership.

  • Serve as a public face of the collaborative, in service of a community-wide rather than an organization-specific goal.
  • Effectively communicate about the collaborative and behavioral health field to all relevant community partners and the public.
  • Build a sense of urgency and shared accountability in the community about the collaborative’s priorities.
  • Support the communication of coalition needs with policy-makers and identify areas for policy intervention across the collaborative.
  • Develop and oversee a communications and community engagement plan that:
    • Creates awareness of the initiative.
    • This includes community voices and those with lived experience with behavioral health challenges in all facets of the initiative.
    • Encourages community partners to align their work to the initiative’s goals and strategies.
    • Secures commitment necessary from elected officials and other influential stakeholders.

Establish shared measurement and learning.

  • Oversee the tracking of progress by establishing community-level outcomes and data collection processes.
  • Communicate the progress of the initiative against agreed-upon success measures and implementation milestones.
  • Develop relationships with leaders of similar initiatives, locally and around the country, and identify promising practices that can inform the work.
  • Stay current with current research and learning regarding youth mental well-being and innovative, collaborative approaches to address it.

Advance funding for initiative efforts

  • Lead development efforts for the initiative’s long-term financial sustainability plan in partnership with the Steering Committee.
  • Support partner organizations in aligning their resources to the initiative’s goals and strategies, including state or federal funding sources.
  • Develop relationships and facilitate information flow from the funders to the collaborative and vice versa.


Ideal Skills and Attributes

  • Demonstrated commitment to equity and addressing inequities, as well as experience working with marginalized groups, especially among youth.
  • A deep belief in the expertise and leadership of youth and familiarity with youth-led and youth-centric approaches.
  • Interest in the mentorship and development of young people and the ability to listen to and respect young people’s input and experiences.
  • An understanding of youth mental health issues, approaches, and related systems.
  • Experience working and facilitating at the systems level, as opposed to working in silos.
  • Ability to cultivate meaningful relationships and build trust among individuals and diverse groups.
  • Ability to lead and manage a group of individuals to achieve strategic goals.
  • Ability to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, broker agreement between different stakeholder groups, and help initiatives to navigate power dynamics.
  • Comfort planning processes and managing multiple priorities in a context of change and ambiguity.
  • Ability to plan agendas, develop materials, and facilitate monthly steering committee and ad hoc meetings.
  • Demonstrated an ability to collect, synthesize, and share data to track progress, make strategic decisions, measure goals, identify disparities, and communicate growth.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including presentation.
  • Understanding of Greater Cincinnati community, human service and health care systems, educational systems, and organizational landscape, especially the gaps and opportunities in behavioral health.
  • Understanding of the public policy landscape as it relates to youth behavioral health.
  • A humble and collaborative approach to the work.



InterAct for Change offers a generous benefits package, including Group Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance, Group Term Life Insurance, Short- and Long-Term Disability, Retirement Plan 401(k), Flexible Spending and Health Savings Account Plans, Education Assistance, generous Paid Time Off, and more.



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Application Deadline: May 31, 2024

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