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Intervention Specialist

Hamilton County Juvenile Court
800 Broadway St
15th Floor
Cincinnati OH 45202

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Compensation: $26 / Hour
Posted Date: 02/22/2024
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Apply today as an Intervention Specialist for Hamilton County Juvenile Court.


Intervention Specialist

Job Responsibilities

  • Provides evidence-based group programming to assist with emotional and behavioral management for youth admitted into the Youth Center.
  • Facilitate educational groups covering social skills, coping skills, anger management, and independent living skills.
  • Take part in ensuring the well-being of Youth Center residents by providing positive, supportive, and structured group programming.
  • Collaborate with Youth Center and BHS personnel; work closely with the Youth Center Volunteer and Programming Coordinator.
  • Conducts check-in assessments of youth newly admitted to the Youth Center.
  • Review available clinical and behavior management history to determine proper risk status for current admission.
  • Participate with BHS and Youth Center staff in providing residents with a safe and secure environment.
  • Routinely interact with residents while observing behaviors and promptly communicating significant observations to BHS and Youth Center staff.
  • Establishes, manages, and enters data, group facilitation notes, related observations, and related documentation in the JCMS database and office filing system.
  • Attend all necessary Court trainings and meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned include On Call Crisis Response.
  • Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.




  • High School Diploma and five years of experience in juvenile direct service, juvenile corrections, and residential programming.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license and maintain auto liability insurance.
  • Must pass a background screening process.


  • Bachelor’s degree in counseling, social work, psychology, education, criminal justice, or related field.
  • At least three years of experience in juvenile direct service, juvenile corrections, and residential programming.
  • Diversion, Equity, and Inclusion experience.
  • LSW.


Skills & Abilities

  • Must possess analytical skills/abilities, which include: Ability to provide suicide risk assessment, crisis intervention, and quality assurance of assessment monitoring practices.
  • Must possess clerical/administrative skills/abilities, including keeping referrals triaged and filed.
  • Must possess computer/technical skills/abilities, which include: Ability to access, navigate, and use the JCMS database system.
  • Must possess project/process management skills/abilities, which include: Ability to review emergency referrals and make risk level changes for possible up/downgrades in a youth’s level of supervision within the Youth Center.
  • Must possess written and oral communication skills/abilities, which include: Ability to communicate, document, and consult with clients and staff.
  • Must possess job knowledge of departmental policies and procedures and Juvenile Court personnel policies and procedures.


Working Conditions

  • Employees work indoors and are protected from weather conditions or contaminants, but not necessarily occasional temperature changes.
  • Works in a secure correctional facility, with some exposure to unruly and, at times, out-of-control resident populations.


Compensation & Benefits

  • Work Hours: 40 Hours/Week
  • Starting Salary: $26.00
  • Highly Competitive Employee Benefits Package and Generous Paid Time Off


Application Process

Applicants for positions with Hamilton County Juvenile Court are subject to background screening by the document “Offenses that May Disqualify Candidates for Employment.” Convictions from this list may disqualify a candidate for employment with Hamilton County Juvenile Court.

Hamilton County Juvenile Court is an Equal Opportunity Employer. A copy of the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Short Form is available upon request.

Hamilton County Juvenile Court is committed to providing a Diverse, Equity, and Inclusive work environment.


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Application Deadline: February 28, 2024

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