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Workforce Engagement Recruiter

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative
301 Oak Street
Cincinnati OH 45219

Job Type:
Compensation: $2000 / Month
Posted Date: 02/07/2024
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Workforce Engagement Recruiter

Job Description


Recruit applicants for the Good Jobs Challenge Advanced Manufacturing Program.

The Program is in partnership with Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership (AMIP), Cincinnati Works, and several other partners to place and prepare 85 or more participants for Advanced Manufacturing roles by June 2025.

The Program is designed to help train, employ, and upskill individuals with no experience, related experience, or decades of experience in modern manufacturing and seeks out applicants of color, women, veterans, and returning citizens.

Reports to Cincinnati Youth Collaborative’s Workforce Program Manager- Good Jobs Challenge.

The primary expectation is to meet the program’s goals. Anticipate
approximately 15-20 hours a week with $2000 monthly compensation.


Job Responsibilities

  • Goals

    • To recruit a minimum of twelve qualified participants a month.
    • Successfully place at least 20 participants for each boot camp. Bootcamps are currently
      held in February, June, and October.
    • Meet or exceed recruiting 85 or more qualified participants by June 2025.
  • Recruitment

    • Represent the Good Jobs Challenge Advanced Manufacturing Program in the
    • Recruit candidates from local school districts and community organizations, recruit
      students, recent graduates, and adults for the program.
    • Create and deliver PowerPoint presentations about the Good Jobs Challenge Advanced.
      Manufacturing Program at schools and in the community.
    • Attend community events to promote the program.
    • Provide a booth and information at career fairs to promote the program.
    • Collaborate with CYC’s program team to assist in recruiting CYC students.
    • Collaborate with the Cincinnati Works team to recruit adults.
  • Marketing/Website

    • Provide input on any marketing materials, collateral, and website changes needed for
      recruitment efforts.
  • Participant Relationship Management

    • Effectively support and communicate with interested applicants through emails, texts,
      phone calls.
    • Document interested candidates in the project management tool.
    • Follow up with applicants to ensure they complete the initial Good Jobs Challenge
      application and enter their information into the PRIME system.
    • Update the project management tool and successfully hand off the applicant to the
      Workforce Program Manager.
  • Bootcamps

    • Attend the boot camp kick-off and graduations to support the participants.
  • Data Management

    • Track hours and activities related to the program.
    • Oversee the application process. Monitor the workforce email to track applications.
    • Monitor the PRIME application process to ensure the application is received and
      information is entered correctly.
    • Input all information into the project management tool.
  • Partnership Management

    • Develop strong relationships with Cincinnati Works, AMIP, additional partners, employers, and CYC staff to support this program.
    • Understand each of the business partners to be able to speak about and recruit with the
      company partners in mind.



  • Previous experience and knowledge of advanced manufacturing are a plus.
  • Minimum of 5 years working with students or young people.
  • Experience with recruitment, sales, or business development.
  • Experience with workforce development, youth development, education, or similar experience.
  • Proven success in working with diverse populations (students, parents, volunteers, school staff, and corporate representatives) in various settings, including those from low-income and urban backgrounds. Ability to navigate and adapt to different populations based on their needs with professionalism and diplomacy.


About the Organization

As a youth-serving organization, our primary focus will be helping recent graduates with an aptitude for STEM into these opportunities. As a partner with Cincinnati Works, this role will also recruit adults seeking meaningful employment.


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