Cincinnati Program Assistant

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4623 Wesley Avenue, Suite A
Cincinnati, OH 45212


The DSAGC would like to expand outreach efforts beyond just health outreach to also include efforts with schools and educators as well as with potential employers of Self-Advocates.  The person in this Cincinnati Outreach Position needs to be at ease with public speaking, networking, recruiting and empowering a wide array of high-level volunteers.  This person must also be comfortable wearing a few different hats within the DSAGC in terms of their outreach responsibilities.  Desired qualifications include being proficient with the full range of Microsoft Office applications, as well as feeling comfortable juggling a varied schedule in and out of the office.  This position will most likely average about 30 hours/week.  To see a full job description, please go to


1. Character and Personal Growth Attributes
-Show a respect for others, commitment to quality, integrity, and self-motivation as well as have a positive attitude.
-Relationally, must show an ability to work well with others, resolve conflicts and be trustworthy.
-Be an aggressive learner who is consistently trying to grow both in knowledge and in their competencies.
-Contribute to and model the values and mission of the DSAGC.
2. DSAGC Staff Responsibilities
-Report directly to the Executive Director and collaborate with other members of the Programming Team.
-Attend bi-weekly staff meetings, as well as any other all staff gatherings. Also attend bi-weekly programming meetings. Both meetings are held on Monday mornings at 10:00 am.
-Submit a bi-weekly time card, monthly Staff Report and expense summary.
-On occasion, serve as a “Program Host” and provide direct support to evening and weekend events and activities held at the DSAGC.
-Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Director.
3. Health Outreach 
-Manage the list of hospitals and medical offices and the key contacts within those workplaces so that we can visit the offices and network with these people on a regular basis. --Recruit, train, collaborate with and supervise a group of high-level volunteers who will form a Health Outreach Team. It would be ideal for these volunteers to have a medical background and who will be comfortable interacting with medical professionals and in medical offices. The team members will all be trained to give presentations representing the DSAGC to medical professionals. As a team, they will break up the list of key contacts and locations around Greater Cincinnati and assign them to specific team members.
-Review and prepare presentation materials that can be utilized in health outreach settings. ---Take the point on figuring out which Health or Community Outreach Fairs/Expos we want to participate in and recruit the necessary volunteers or DSAGC staff members to make sure those exhibit tables are well staffed.
-Lead and collaborate with the Health Advisory Board.
4. Education Outreach 
-Manage and add to the list of School District Ambassadors around the 12-county Greater Cincinnati region. The goal is to have at least one professional and one parent on this list from every school district in the region. It is OK to have more than one ambassador per school district if we find extra willing participants.
-Recruit, train, collaborate with and supervise a group of high-level volunteers who would all have the passion and skills to give effective presentations in classrooms.
-Oversee the process of figuring out how to best respond to speaking requests and how to proactively reach out to schools and offer to give classroom or school presentations.
-Work with Joanie Elfers to develop a “Presentation in a Box” set of materials, outlines, illustrations and tools that can be utilized in school presentations.
-Collaborate with Joanie and the Educational Advisory Board.
5. Employer Outreach
-Field calls and emails from employers who have expressed an interest in hiring one or more adults with Down syndrome for their business.
-Walk through with employers the initial stages of understanding the potential job, writing a job description and knowing when to engage with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD).
-Be the main DSAGC contact with key staff members of OOD.
-Bring creative energy to figuring out how we, the DSAGC, can best be a proactive catalyst to encourage more employers to take the steps necessary to hire adults with Down syndrome.
-Promote open positions within our DSAGC communications channels.
6. Advocacy
-Coordinate and serve on the Government Affairs Committee. Ideally, this group meets three or four times a year.
-Stay informed and monitor advocacy–related issues that pertain to the Down syndrome community.
-Write and send occasional advocacy alerts to DSAGC families and others who express an interest in advocacy work.

If you are interested in the Cincinnati Outreach position, please email a cover letter stating why you feel like you would be a good fit for the position as well as why you are passionate about the mission of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati.  Please send your cover letter and resume to Amie Smith at