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Mechanic III – Construction & Maintenance

Duke Energy

Cincinnati OH 45202

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Posted Date: 01/06/2020

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Duke Energy jobs are a great jumpstart to your career. If you have experience working with your hands, this may the position for you.

Work dayshift Monday – Friday with options for overtime

Report to work in the East End, Monfort Heights or Erlanger

Earn $18.50 per hour to start

Requires a high school diploma or GED plus six months of experience working with your hand (mechanical, construction, warehousing, etc.)


Current open Duke Energy jobs include Construction & Maintenance Mechanics. This hourly position is located at the Erlanger, Kellogg or Monfort Gas Operations Center. The starting pay rate is $18.50. Candidates being considered must be 21 and older and live within 40 air miles of the Ohio/ KY Duke Energy service territory. Search for job R11322 – Mechanic III – Construction & Maintenance. Interested persons should apply online before the deadline of Tuesday, January 21, 2020.
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OH/KY Duke Energy service territories
Hamilton, Warren, Butler, and Clermont counties.

Kenton, Campbell, Boone, and Grant counties.


Work Hours
The first 6 months is7 a.m. – 3 p.m. After that C&M and Pressure do 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. and Service delivery do 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. There are lots of opportunities for overtime.


Pre-Employment Test 
The Pre-Employment Tests include the CAST (Construction and Skilled Trade Test) and the PAT (Physical Abilities Test). The CAST is broken up into Graphic Arithmetic, Mechanical Concepts, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics usage.
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– Making temporary or permanent repairs on mains, services, stations, and other piping.
– Making temporary or permanent repairs to other underground structures as directed.
– Tapping pressurized piping.
– Measuring, cutting, and threading pipe.
– Making up mechanical, threaded, compression, and other types of joints.
– Sandblasting joints, pipes, fittings, structures, etc.
– Installing and removing gas meters and/or connections, regulators and/or connections for all reasons, as directed, including flood, age changes, fire, explosion, etc.
– Performing work in the Measurement Center of the lesser skilled type, such as handling, stripping, disassembling, and cleaning meters and regulators.
– Soldering copper joints and fittings with low or high-temperature solder.
– Installing prefabricated meter and regulator assemblies.
– Pressure testing service and house lines.
– Coating and wrapping pipe and fittings.
– Assisting in the detection and analysis of gas leaks.
– Assisting in the construction of concrete forms, bridging, barricading, etc.
– Cleaning, inspecting and repairing hand tools.
– Rendering first aid, artificial resuscitation, etc.
– Driving automotive equipment, such as crew trucks, dump trucks, etc.
– Towing air compressors, traffic controllers, backhoe trailers, tool carts, and other types of trailers.
– Installing anodes and other cathodic protection devices.
– Using and maintaining all types of respirators and protective clothing when required.
– Operating and maintaining air compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and tools, portable generators, pumps, heavy-duty electric drills, core drill machine, and other such equipment.
– Assisting in the installation of shoring and sheathing in excavations.
– Utilizing telephone and mobile radio to transmit and receive information.
– Assisting in setting up work area protection.
– Operating power chain saws.
– Reading gauges and changing charts.
– Utilizing and reading tape lines, rulers, and other measuring devices.
– Utilizing and evaluating results from electronic instruments such as curb box locators, pipe locators, cathodic protection instruments, oxygen indicators, insulphones, and/or meters, etc.
– Locating, cleaning, raising, lowering and replacing lids or other parts of curb box and/or test connection box.
– Verifying service stop-cock for accessibility.
– Preparing records, such as daily time reports, service stop¬cock accessibility report and vehicle maintenance requests, etc.
– Obtaining corrosion control pipe-to-soil potential readings and completing field reports.
– Operating lawn type tractors and other power mowing equipment and making minor repairs as required.
– Performing work assignments in accordance with departmental instructions, procedures, policies, and standards.
– Performing work assignments in a manner that will properly safeguard the public, employees, and property of others and the Company.
– Training by performing various operations under the direction of more skilled personnel.
– Instructing other employees in this or less skilled classifications to properly and safely perform their duties.
– Performing other similar or less skilled work, as assigned.


Basic Qualifications
– Must meet the Company’s requirements as to General Qualifications.
– Must have had six (6) months’ mechanical aptitude work experience. This includes warehouse roles and any positions where one has worked with their hands.
– Must meet the required pre-employment test standards for this job classification.
– Must demonstrate the ability to perform the duties of this job through the medium of tests designed for measuring individual qualifications.
– Must have a valid driver’s license, be capable of driving pick-up trucks, utility vans, passenger vehicles, crew trucks, and dump trucks, and pass the Company’s driver examination.
– Must be able to successfully complete Company provided Crane Training and related certification(s).
– Must be able to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) within the first nine months.
– Must be able to successfully complete and obtain all the Medical clearance exams required for this position, including the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Respirator Medical Clearance.
– Must be able to write and print legibly.
– Must have basic computer skills as well as knowledge of Microsoft Suite
– Must be willing to participate in Company training programs.
– Must be able to read street maps and travel to dispatched locations.
Must have the physical stature and stamina to operate power ¬driven hand tools; excavate and shovel earth, backfill materials, etc.; lift heavy construction objects on job sites. Farming experience counts as well.
– Must have a keen sense of smell and adequate hearing.
– Must possess tact, a professional demeanor and a suitable personality for customer contact with both internal and external customers.
– Must be capable of utilizing leak detectors, test pumps, gauges, and utility-type electronic equipment.
– Must be capable of utilizing a telephone and mobile radio.
– Must be capable of correctly and accurately using measuring devices, such as tape lines, rulers, pipe calipers, etc.
– Must be capable of reading gauges and changing charts.
– Must be capable of utilizing and evaluating results from electronic equipment.
– Must be capable and willing to render first aid, artificial resuscitation, etc.
– Must be capable and willing to use fresh air masks and wear protective clothing.
– Must show a willingness to take direction and be willing to learn.
– Must meet all the qualifications for promotion after a minimum of 12 months.


Desired Qualifications
Previous gas or general construction experience.
Pursuing or obtained secondary education to include technical schools, trade schools, degree programs, etc.


Duke Energy jobs always lead to new beginnings. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Apply online today.

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Application Deadline: January 21, 2020

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