These Black fitness instructors will make health and wellness your reality.

Yes, we all start of the year saying “New me. New body!” But who actually follows through with it? Well, we know the right people who may be able to help you. I looked in our Black Business Database and found these Black fitness instructors. Below are trainers, healthy eats and parks that offer services to help you get right for summer.

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Markesha Blackman – Hip-Hop Redefined

Black Fitness Instructors
Fitness Instructor
Tone your body and burn calories by using easy hip-hop dance moves.


Denise Bryers
denise-bryersFitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and NPC Figure Competitor
Empowers people in fitness, health and wellness through personal training, boot camp and fitness classes.




Kerrie Chaney – All Out Fitness & Training

Black Fitness Instructors
Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Counselor 
Offers weekly fitness classes, meal plans and monthly nutrition workshops.


David Daniel – TRX & Spinning

Black Fitness InstructorsFitness Instructor at North Avondale Recreation Center
Uses accelerated cardio to burn a high amount of calories.




Morgan Owens – Curvy Cardio

Black Fitness Instructors

Fitness Instructor at North Avondale Recreation Center
Curvy Cardio is a full body workout focusing on the glutes, core and toning. Embracing all shapes and sizes.



Derrick Partman – R.I.S.E Fit

Personal Trainer
R.I.S.E Fit consists of non-stop movements to burn calories with a focus on core-body exercises, balance and flexibility.




Camille Woods

Black Fitness Instructors

Lean Styles
Fitness Instructor
Build A Better Booty (BBB) is a glutes sculpting class designed to target the three muscle groups in your glutes; in addition to your hamstrings and quads. 



Most Black fitness instructors will tell you that healthy eating goes hand in hand when exercising. Here are a few diets or lifestyle changes to pair with your exercising.  Becoming a true vegetarian takes great dedication. Vegetarians do not eat beef, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish, insects or animal flesh of any kind. Because of this, vegetarian meals can be simple to prepare.


Another regimen to try is becoming a pescatarian, which means you can only eat fish and seafood. I adapt this lifestyle every year during the Lenten season. Pescatarian meals are easy to fix and can be seasoned to perfection.


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The paleo diet takes you back to cave man days. You only eat meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds – Anything you could hunt, fish or pick from the ground. That means no pasta, no candy and no cereal. Here are some paleo recipes that can easily make this diet, turn into a lifestyle.



Groupon has very many options for yoga, fitness, spinning and boot camp classes. Of course, with this nice weather, you may not want to be limited to a gym or at-home-workouts. On warm days, feel free to take a jog in your favorite Cincinnati park. These are great places to do intervals of running, push-ups, lunges, squats and stair runs at your own pace. Another fun option for cardio is the Red Bike or Cincinnati Bike Center. Grab a group of friends and see how far you can ride.


With these tips, your summer body will be here in no time! If there are any Black fitness instructors that I missed, please submit your business to our  Black Business Database.



Marissa Staples, Writer
The Voice of Black Cincinnati

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