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These Black fitness instructors will make health and wellness your reality.

  • Water is now your best friend. Get creative with these DIY detox waters.
  • Cardio is not the only way to lose pounds. Add weights and resistance bands to continue to burn calories, tighten your waist and tone your muscles.  
  • Snack on fruits and veggies more by keeping them in eye sight. For example, keep a bowl of fruit on the counter and pre-cut raw veggies in the fridge. 
  • When eating salads, choose low-fat dressings like Balsamic Vinaigrette and steer clear of creamy dressings.
  • Avoid red meat. Including bacon. There, I said it. 


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Yes, we all start of the year saying “New me. New body!” But who actually follows through with it? Let these Cincinnati Black Fitness trainers create a healthy-fit lifestyle that you can actually live with. There is no need to get ready, when you stay ready. The information in this article is as current as the publication date. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information prior to acting.

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Markesha Blackman – Hip-Hop Redefined
Fitness Instructor

Tone your body and burn calories by using easy hip-hop dance moves.


Denise Bryers
Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and NPC Figure Competitor
Empowers people in fitness, health and wellness through personal training, boot camp and fitness classes.


Kerrie Chaney – All Out Fitness & Training
Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Counselor 

Offers weekly fitness classes, meal plans and monthly nutrition workshops.


Art Hunter – The Art of Fitness
Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer
The Art of Fitness is a multi-purpose physical training multi-sport training facility we specialize and focus on personal, multi-sport, fitness and nutrition.


Morgan Owens – Curvy Cardio
Fitness Instructor at North Avondale Recreation Center

Curvy Cardio is a full body workout focusing on the glutes, core and toning. Embracing all shapes and sizes.


Derrick Partman – R.I.S.E Fit
Personal Trainer

R.I.S.E Fit consists of non-stop movements to burn calories with a focus on core-body exercises, balance and flexibility.


Matthew Scott – Body Shop (3458 Cardiff Avenue, 45209)
Fitness Instructor
Provides personal training programs and fitness classes. 


Camille Woods
Fitness Instructor
Build A Better Booty (BBB) is a glutes sculpting class designed to target the three muscle groups in your glutes; in addition to your hamstrings and quads. 


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Most Black fitness instructors will tell you that healthy eating goes hand in hand with exercising. Here are a few diets or lifestyle changes to pair with your exercising.  


Keto Lifestyle
A keto diet, properly known as ketogenesis means generating ketones which your body does naturally. This happen when your body consumes very few carbs.  Keto diets turn your fat into fuel providing a sustainable slow-burning energy. This is done by increasing healthy fats (like avocados), lowering carbohydrates (like pastas) and adding protein (unprocessed meats) to every meal. It has been proven that this diet improved mental cognition and clarity as well as weight loss and balanced energy levels. IG profile Ketohackershop shows you how to stick to a Keto Diet while dining in and dining out.


Plant Base/Flexitarian Lifestyle
Cut back on your meat intake by replacing one to three days a week with vegetarian dishes also known as plant base meals. Healthy proteins like edamame, tofu, and tempeh will add texture and fiber to your meals. Of course you will need to season to your liking, but don’t over do it. Meals without meat sound easy to make, but you may need help with the creativity of it. Purple Carrot offers a variety of plant based meals that meet you at your doorstep. Ingredients are all labeled and properly portioned for you to cook with ease. Some choose to adapt a full plant base lifestyle for health reasons like decreasing the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. If you choose to keep meat in your diet as a flexitarian, do your best to consume grass-fed, organic meats. 


With these tips, you won’t need a summer body. You will have your healthy perfect shape year round. Don’t forget to check out Groupon for disocount yoga, fitness, spinning and boot camp classes. Another fun option for cardio is the Red Bike or Cincinnati Bike Center. Grab a group of friends and see how far you can ride.


If there are any Black fitness instructors that I missed, please submit your business to our  Black Business Database.



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