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These Black Holiday Films are sure to make your spirit bright!

Best Black holiday films

Christmas movies with Black leads

Holiday movies for African American families

Though the weather outside is frightful, staying in can be delightful with these Black Holiday films! Whether you’re watching with friends, family, or that special someone, the following festive movies from Hallmark, Lifetime, OWN, BET+, and Netflix will surely get you into the holiday spirit this Christmas season.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. We celebrate Christmas time by decorating Christmas trees, caroling Christmas songs, meeting Santa Claus, his reindeer, and elves, building gingerbread houses, putting up Christmas lights and decorations, and more. Create a new Christmas tradition of watching Black Holiday films with your loved ones. Don’t be a Grinch; have a merry Christmas and happy holidays.

The Black Holiday Films in this article are as current as the publication date. 

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Black Holiday Films

Christmas with a Kiss

A woman returns home to help with her family’s Christmas Carnival, and romance ignites. A photojournalist curates a surprise reunion. Will this surprise lead to a blossoming romance? Check out Christmas with a Kiss this holiday season. Enjoy authentic Black love and experience a fun holiday romance. Check out Christmas with a Kiss and fall in love with the story.
Starring: Mishael Morgan

Yes, Chef! Christmas

Alicia Gellar is a culinary school instructor who has put her career aspirations and personal life on the back burner. But this holiday season, fate is on her side. She is invited to compete in the city’s Kringle Cook-Off and learns a family secret that could change everything. What will happen when she must work with a handsome mentor? Check out Yes, Chef! Christmas and watch Tia Mowry this holiday season!
Starring: Tia Mowry

The Holiday Proposal Plan

Travel columnist Sonny Kravitz and her ex-boyfriend Kip must team up to help their best friends get engaged. To set the backdrop, the four return to Sonny’s parents’ snowy chalet and set up twelve-holiday traditions celebrated worldwide. But when things aren’t going according to plan, will Sonny and Kip rekindle their romance? Check out The Holiday Proposal Plan on December 16 at 8 p.m.
Starring: Tatyana Ali

A Wesley Christmas Wedding

The Wesley Family is gathering for a Christmas Wedding. But there are many obstacles- from a Momzilla to crazy exes and new additions; this holiday is full of drama! Will the betrothed couple crack under the pressure? Check out A Wesley Christmas Wedding on BET+ today! Enjoy some authentic Black love and some classic family shenanigans.
Starring: Dorien Wilson

Heart for the Holidays

Hardworking businesswoman Rachel travels to the small town of Cheverly for a life-saving heart transplant. Fate connects her with a heart donor, Ms. Sims, who tragically dies in a car accident. While in Cheverly, Rachel meets another recipient, Amy, and falls in love with the town. Will Amy’s brother be able to convince her to stay? Check out Heart for the Holidays on BET+ today! Cuddle up and enjoy this heartwarming story.
Starring: Erica Peeples

Christmas Angel

Troubled R&B megastar Angel St. James is the face of every major magazine and news outlet. However, when her fake happiness peaks, she is forced to face her reality. When Angel’s car breaks down, she encounters a kind stranger with a young daughter. Could a holiday with them help her rediscover the magic of Christmas? Check out Christmas Angel on BET+ today. Enjoy a story about true happiness this holiday season.
Starring: Skyh Black

Sworn Justice: Taken Before Christmas

Kidnapped and separated during the holidays, a couple must follow the demands of their faceless tormentor to survive. Between a detective and a DA, will they escape? Enjoy a thriller this holiday season. Check out the genius and skill between this Black couple. Check out Sworn Justice: Taken Before Christmas on BET+. Take a chance on a non-traditional holiday story.
Starring: Vivica A. Fox

So Fly Christmas

After being left at the altar on Christmas Eve, a jilted bride and her best friend vow to remain single. What happens when one of them falls in love? See more than just romantic love this holiday season. Check out a strong friendship between two Black women this holiday season. Watch So Fly Christmas on BET+. Great for a girls’ night in.
Starring: Tichina Arnold

A Royal Christmas Surprise

An African Christmas meets an African American Christmas when Riley plans the perfect holiday for her fiancé, Mandla. Will their cultures keep them apart? Enjoy some Black luxury this holiday season. Black royalty is real, and you can experience it all this year. Check out A Royal Christmas Surprise on BET+. This love is sure to entertain you.
Starring: Jennifer Freeman

Never Alone for Christmas

Two exes reunite at a holiday couple retreat. After one called off the wedding, how would they handle seeing each other with someone else? Is there a chance to rekindle? Check out Never Alone for Christmas today! Enjoy Black love and explore the depths of the story. Perfect for this holiday season.
Starring: Mignon

The Christmas Ringer

When a singer’s career goes downhill, she must start over at her family’s church. Will her family be able to give her guidance? A singer must rediscover her sound from the glitz and glamour to God. Does she have what it takes? Check out the Christmas Ringer on BET+. Enjoy some music this holiday season!
Starring: Kelly Price

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Christmas Rescue

A Christmas bride is abducted at the altar by her childhood sweetheart in a desperate attempt to win her back. Will they be able to recreate the love they once had? Should past love stay in the past? Check out a Christmas Rescue on BET+ on December 14. What love is the strongest- the past or the present?
Starring: Robin Givens

Favorite Son Christmas

Graceway Church is on the verge of shutting down, and the Wilson family needs a prayer. When the First Lady tries to bring her sons together, will they be able to reconcile? Enjoy some God and familial love this holiday season. Check out Favorite Son Christmas on December 14! You don’t want to miss this.
Starring: Serayah

Best. Christmas. Ever!

After a twist of fate brings their families together for Christmas, Charlotte investigates the life of her friend Jackie. From the letters, Jackie’s life seems perfect, making Charlotte jealous. Charlotte is determined to prove that Jackie is lying and ease her jealousy. Will her antics ruin Christmas? Check it out on Netflix today!
Starring: Brandy

Candy Cane Lane

Amazon Prime Video
One father is determined to win the home decoration contest- no matter the cost. When he makes a deal with an elf, the twelve days of Christmas come to life. Will he be able to survive Christmas and reverse the trick? Check out Eddie Murphy in this hilarious role. Watch Candy Cane Lane with the entire family!
Starring: Eddie Murphy

Dashing Through the Snow

After a traumatic experience during his childhood, Eddie has sworn off Christmas. However, his daughter is the complete opposite. When he takes his daughter to work on Christmas Eve, can a man named Nick change his mind? Will Eddie heal and experience Christmas magic, or avoid the holidays? Check out Dashing Through the Snow today!
Starring: Chris “Ludacris” Bridges


This holiday season, Bernard finds himself down in the holiday spirit. His family, job, and life seem to be falling apart. When he rubs a magic jewelry box, he summons a genie who may be able to help him. Will some magic be able to help Bernard this holiday season? Experience an unlikely friendship and check out Genie!
Starring: Paapa Essiedu

A Christmas Serenade

Musician Jeremiah returns home to play a gig with his band. When he returned, he was named the music minister for the Christmas Jubilee at his home church. His new role reunites him with his rival, the pastor’s daughter. Will Jeremiah and Willow experience another rivalry or a romance this holiday season? Check out a Christmas Serenade today!
Starring: Skye Townsend

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Christmas of Yes

Amy has been wholly focused on her job for the past few years. She’s turned down trips, parties, and potential love, all for the sake of her career. What will happen when she loses her job? Her brother challenges her to say “yes” to everything, which opens many doors. Will her forced compliance set her up for love? Check out Christmas of Yes today!
Starring: Michele Weaver

The Christmas Detective

A stolen painting dampens the mood during the holiday season. Kate is a private investigator who wants to recover the painting and uplift the town. Kate reunites with her detective ex in hopes of cracking the case. Will this mystery bring them back together for a holiday romance? Check out The Christmas Detective on December 16 at 9 p.m.
Starring:  Javicia Leslie

Christmas Revisited

When someone dies, a group of college friends meet at their late friend’s cabin. Everyone is ready to reunite and wishes to spend Christmas together. But when old secrets and tensions surface, will they survive this holiday season? What happens when an unexpected romance begins? Check out Christmas Revisited on December 23 at 9 p.m.
Starring: Tanyell Waivers

All I Want For Christmas

What do you want for Christmas? One girl doesn’t wish for a toy but to reunite with her family. All she wants is for her parents to get back together. With a bit of holiday magic, will she be able to get her wish? Check out All I Want for Christmas today!
Starring: Sahjanan Nasser

Santa Games

Santa Charles is a veteran mall Santa who has finally decided to retire. Who will replace him? Watch the antics of trying to replace him and a series of hilarious interviews. Will they be able to find another Santa? Check out Santa Games today! Perfect for a silly watch with the family.
Starring: Faizon Love

Christmas Love

How do you balance family and work? Is money what matters most? A father struggles to balance his career with his family and doesn’t know how to handle it. Will he learn a lesson this holiday season? Watch him navigate this conflict as he receives help and is forced to make a tough choice. Check out Christmas Love today!
Starring: Abel Mutua

Momma Said Come Home for Christmas

Family is never easy. A matriarch calls her family home for Christmas to make some holiday memories. But with this union comes chaos. There’s no telling what will happen with some family members at war and others in love. What will go down this holiday season? Check out Momma Said Come Home for Christmas today!
Starring: Jo Marie Payton

He Who Findeth: A Cinderella Christmas Tale

Daniel is the heir to his family’s fortune. When his parents throw their annual charity ball, he is the eligible bachelor on the market. From exes to plotting socialites, everyone is waiting in line to have a chance to make Daniel theirs. Will anyone succeed, or will Daniel find true love this holiday season? Check out He Who Findeth today!
Brad James

Hot Girl Winter

What does Mrs. Claus do while Santa is working hard during Christmas? This year, Mrs. Claus has had enough. Feeling ignored by Santa, Mrs. Clause flies to Miami for a spicy Christmas vacation. What antics will she get into? Will Santa be able to prove his love and devotion? Check out Hot Girl Winter today!
Starring: Golden Brooks

12 Games of Christmas

Great American Family
A group of old friends and family reunite to celebrate the holiday together. What happens when they are transported to a Christmas-themed board game during the party? Experience some silliness and strategy this holiday season with 12 Games of Christmas! Catch the premiere on December 17 at 8 p.m. You don’t want to miss this!
Starring: Johnny Ramey

World’s First Christmas

Amazon Prime Video
What happens when the Christmas holiday magic disappears? This newly formed family fights to save the holiday. By recreating the holiday, its spirit, and traditions, they fight to save Christmas. Will they be able to recreate the holiday? Check out World’s First Christmas on Amazon Prime today. Experience some family love this holiday season.
Starring: Lázaro Ramos

Yuletide the Knot

Rachel is a small town who has been tasked with planning a huge influencer wedding. But what happens when the groom is her first love and high school sweetheart? Rachel re-experiences love and rediscovers the feeling of falling for someone. Will the wedding go according to plan? Check out Yuletide the Knot!
Starring: Mary Antonini

Urkel Saves Santa: The Movie!

Amazon Prime Video
Urkel’s adventures are far from over. This time, the city has lost the holiday spirit. Can Urkel find Santa and work with him to return the holiday spirit? Experience some nostalgia this holiday and enjoy Urkel Saves Santa! This animated special is sure to be fun for the entire family. You won’t be disappointed.
Starring: Jaleel White

The Drone That Saved Christmas

Amazon Prime Video
A tech genius developer created a one-of-a-kind drone. When the government needs his assistance, his wife becomes suspicious of his disappearances. Will they be able to clear up the confusion this holiday season? Why does the government need his drone? Find out the threat to Christmas and check out The Drone that Saved Christmas!
Starring: Miguel A. Núñez Jr.

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The films from this list will surely bring you cheer during this Christmas holiday. Did your favorite Black Holiday Films make it onto the list? Let us know if we missed any at The Voice of Black Cincinnati.

Written by: Jaylyn Nurredin

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