We appreciate your interest in adding your event to The Voice of Black Cincinnati Community Calendar. We will review your submission in the order it was received. Please remember that submitting a form does not guarantee its publication. Feel free to contact us at 513.281.3228 or info@thevoiceofblackcincinnati.com for additional information.
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We invite entries for events and community activities. Unfortunately, we do not accept entries for on-going classes, training, workshops, camps or programs.

A minimum of 300 words is required for any event to be published. Be sure to describe your event, venue, entertainers, speakers and anticipated experiences. If you want viewers to contact you directly, include your name, telephone, email and social media handle in the description. Do not include the address of the event or the event link in the description as this information is included with a map when your event is published.

Events submitted with fewer than 300 words will not be considered for publication. We highly recommend that you include approximately 320 words in your submission as word counts can vary depending on the software that analyzes the content.

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