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Black & Bossie

Black & Bossie

242 W McMicken Ave
Cincinnati OH 45214

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 513-328-6581

Quality natural hair products and services

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Black & Bossie is a Black woman-owned retailer of hair and beauty products that can be found in beauty supply stores and salons. Founded in 1982, the boutique strives to create all-natural products for every hair type and texture.


  • Nourishing Hair and Scalp Oil
  • Ultra-Lite Crème Moisturizer
  • Braid Oil
  • Cleansing Co-Wash
  • Bio-K Hair Thickening Moisturizer
  • Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Oil
  • Natural Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner

About the Owner

As a mother of two young daughters, Mary Bolar Washington became aware of the harsh chemicals damaging black women’s hair and therefore their confidence. To address this issue, she created Black & Bossie in 1982. Continuing Mary’s legacy, Black & Bossie manufactures all-natural hair care products. With these safe and effective products, the boutique inspires confidence and a high self-esteem in Black women and girls today.

Their Mission is to

  • Manufacture and maintain a foundational base of quality hair products and services
  • Create an environment that projects a positive model in the Black community as well as the community at large
  • Secure the future as a contributing minority, Black family-owned and operated haircare business


Black & Bossie’s products can be found in a number of beauty supply stores and salons. In Cincinnati, shop now and purchased at the following locations:

  • Ace Beauty Supply
  • Amazon Beauty Supply
  • Albert’s Beauty Supply
  • Beyond Image
  • Barber/Beauty Supply
  • Beauty Town Beauty Supply
  • Buddy’s Beauty Outlet
  • Beauty Success Beauty Supply
  • Cee-Kays Beauty Supply
  • Cosmo Beauty Supply
  • Essence Beauty Supply
  • E&D Beauty Supply/Owner Evon
  • Escapades Hair and Nail Gallery
  • G & Shirley Health Foods
  • Hair Depot Beauty Supply
  • HD Beauty Supply
  • Hair Max Beauty Supply
  • Hair Design Beauty Supply
  • Hair Design Beauty Supply
  • Hair Plus Beauty Supply
  • It’s About Hair Salon
  • InStyle Beauty Supply
  • KJ’s Total Hair Salon
  • Kim’s Beauty Salon
  • Khayra’s Salon/Owner
  • Luminize Hair Salon
  • My Outlet Beauty Supply
  • Moon’s Beauty Supply
  • My Beauty Supply
  • Queen’s Beauty Supply
  • Rok-Us Beauty Supply
  • Sammy’s Beauty Supply
  • Salon 747
  • Sujie’s Wig Shop
  • Stadium Beauty Supply
  • Smart Hair Beauty Supply
  • Star Wigs & Beauty Supply
  • Superior Hair Depot
  • Amani Hair Beauty Supply
  • Black & Beautiful African
  • Hair Braiding and Beauty Supplies


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For more information


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 513-328-6581

Twitter / Instagram: @blackandbossie2.0

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