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Moody Nolan INC

Moody Nolan

40 W Central Parkway
Cincinnati OH 45202

Phone: 513-914-5835

Specializing in unique designs for each client

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Moody Nolan LLC is a Black-owned architecture and design company with a branch office in Downtown Cincinnati. The business believes great design is born out of the intersection between innovative ideas and divergent points of view. Founded by Curt Moody, the company specializes in architectural designs for the interior, exterior, and experiential designs in an innovative and imaginative manner.

The Black-owned firm is diverse by design, offering a distinct advantage to its clients. As a result, the design company showcases an authentic understanding of the cultural, social, and economic impacts of each space they design.

Moody Nolan prides itself on being creative problem solvers that meet the client where they are. Through this, they give the client access to the right thinking and ideas at the right time. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the design firm has offices in Cincinnati, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, NYC, Washington DC, and more.


Moody Nolan practices responsible design architecture. This means they listen, analyze, and design intently and effectively. The Black-owned company designs every place with its signature innovative, functional, and pleasing aesthetic touch. The firm achieves this without straying from the client’s budget or vision.

The innovative design company collaborates with the client in their three steps. First, the firm listens to the client in their interactive working sessions where they define the client’s long-term goals for the project. Second, the design firm tests and verifies each theory. This ensures that the plan meets every objective and can be completed on time and on budget. Last, the company begins the design process with nine options. These are then slimmed down to one with the collaboration of the client. This is completed in every architecture, interior design, and experiential design.

The Black-Owned Business’ Specializations

  • Civic
  • Classical Design
  • Corporate / Office
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Historic Preservation
  • Hospitality
  • Housing
  • Retail and Mixed-Use
  • Sports and Recreation

Moody Nolan’s History

Curt Moody wished to start an architecture firm 40 years ago. His vision was to break into the industry that had little minority representation at the time. Moody and associates opened in 1982. Beginning with just him and one other person, the firm quickly grew to nine members. Finally, after joining forces with an engineering firm, Moody Nolan was born.

Since its formation, the firm strives for nothing less than satisfaction for every client they serve. Through their architecture, interior design, and experiential design, they consistently accomplish this goal. Call the Cincinnati contact Vincent O. Terry today at (513) – 914-5835.

Links to Moody Nolan’s website, Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram.


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For more information


Phone: 513-914-5835

Twitter / Instagram: @MNarchitects

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