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OTR Funplex

1112 Race Street
Cincinnati OH 45202

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 513-857-1533

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OTR Funplex is a Black-owned entertainment venue offering fun experiences, including escape rooms, a splatter paint room, a smash room, slime making, and more. Situated in the downtown district of Over-The-Rhine, the activities offered will make any celebration worthwhile!

OTR Funplex started in 2018 solely as an escape room under the name OTR Escape but has grown into a whole complex of experiences. As a Black-owned entertainment company, it caters to all age groups and strives to be the preferred destination for booking interactive party celebrations.

OTR Funplex Experiences

Escape Room

Escape games are real-life adventures where players have an hour to break out of a room by cracking codes and solving riddles. Feel the rush of trying to escape one of OTR Funplex’s themed rooms!

Splatter Paint Room

Make a mess and make art. Each painter receives a canvas, and the group can use 10+ washable, non-toxic paint colors. OTR Funplex provides all protective gear, such as goggles, disposable full-body ponchos, shower caps, and more for the Splatter room.

Smash Room

Smash problems away! ​Get 12 glass ornaments per guest to throw and smash at the targets. Write on smashable items to make it personal. A barrier is between the player and the target, and safety eye protection is provided.

OTR Games

Groups are split into two and then compete against each other, playing fun and interactive Minute It to Win It games! With 15 possible games, a Game Host will guide everyone to try playing as many games as possible within the timeslot.


Sing until voices go out in one of the Private Karaoke rooms! Enjoy a room decorated in fun décor where everyone can let loose and have fun with friends. Outside food is welcome. Drinks can be purchased from the private room!


Kids love slime! Parents, not so much. So let OTR Funplex clean up the mess, and everyone wins! Little ones will be taken step by step through the slime-making process in a safe and clean environment. Guests will receive protective gear for their entire body to dispose of the mess quickly!

Cocktail Crafting

Led by a host Mixologist, learn to craft two signature Board Game Lounge cocktails or mocktails. OTR Funplex will take everyone through the steps. Guests will also get a take-home instruction card to make the delicious drinks at home.

Board Game Lounge

Drink & Play! Keep the games going and the drinks flowing! The Board Game Lounge features a full bar, two seating areas for ample seating, hundreds of new and classic board & card games, and puzzles!

  • A variety of games available for kids
  • OTR Smash
  • Kids having fun at OTR FunPlex

Parties and Events

OTR Funplex has options for child parties, adult parties, and corporate events. Every party package has a private party room, a dedicated party host, and time saved for board games or karaoke! OTR Funplex activities are perfect for team building/socializing.

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For more information


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 513-857-1533

Twitter / Instagram: @otrescape

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