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Precise Timing Transports Logo

Precise Timing Transports LLC

3352 Amberway Court
Cincinnati OH 45251

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (513) 658-9166

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Precise Timing Transports is a Black-owned residential moving service offering labor assistance, junk removal, store pickups, assembly, and disassembly. Based in Cincinnati, each move is treated delicately and with extreme care. The owner, Leon Durgan, ensures every family is moved with the same respect and integrity as the next.

Precise Timing Transports’ Services

  • Same-day scheduling
  • Light junk removal
  • Entire apartment/house moving (scheduled at least a week in advance)
  • A few items pickup services (purchases from any marketplace, store, and more)
  • Light assembly/disassembly
  • Labor only (unloading a moving truck, rearranging furniture in a house, and more)

Experience and Values

The staff at Precise Timing Transports have a combined ten years of moving expertise. Each move is completed using the latest techniques to make everything efficient and safe. Safety is a significant key to protecting every mover. Protecting all delicate items means no need to worry about damage.

Moving is never a time to complain and argue. The process is already stressful enough, so communication is vital. Making the transition as easy as possible is the main priority. With services like same-day scheduling for last-minute items, who knew procrastinating could be fun?

When choosing Precise Timing Transports to move items and take care of a move, the client decides on reliability, safety, and protection. Hence the name, the staff is never late, ensuring time is never wasted.

To schedule a service, request a free quote today!

Check out Precise Timing Transports’ Yelp Reviews and BBB profile.

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Image provided by Precise Timing Transports’ Website

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