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Rideordie Gun Training

2830 Mack Rd
Fairfield OH 45014

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 513-442-1528

Gun Training and Advanced Gun Training

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Rideordie Gun Training LLC is a Black-owned firearms training company based in Greater Cincinnati, Ohio. They are safe, certified, experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, professional and fun!

Services provided by Rideordie Gun Training:

  • Pistol training
  • advanced (tactical) pistol training
  • rifle training
  • advanced (tactical) rifle training
  • shotgun training
  • basic empty hand self-defense training
  • active shooter training
  • security consulting
  • public speaking for adults & youth, and more.

Instructors at Rideordie Gun Training:

Joe Porter:

  • Certified NRA Instructor & Certified NRA Training Counselor (Instructors’ Instructor)
  • 15+ years of extensive firearms training

Terrence Forte:

  • Certified NRA Instructor
  • 27+ years Cincinnati PD (retired) including 5 years working Undercover (plainclothes) in Drug Task Force
  • Certified Active Shooter Instructor (ALICE)
  • Patrol Rifle Qualified
  • 5 Black Belts in Tang Soo Do Karate (40+ years of practice)

Where it all began

In 1994 the father of Joe Porter owned a small business in construction. He often employed youth from the inner city, some of which had criminal records, to teach them construction and give them a 2nd chance on life. 1 of his employees (a 17-year-old) and his accomplice (21 years old) decided to rob him at gunpoint one day. He was compliant and gave them all of his money. The 17 year old decided that his money wasn’t sufficient so he shot Joe Porter II in the back of the head twice. He died.

His son quickly lost his way in life and went down a dark path in the street life for many years. The level of violence that he experienced and survived in those years was constant. He later found GOD, and changed for the better, becoming a productive person again. A few years later he started Rideordie Gun Training LLC in memory of his father. Every good person that is trained to defend themselves from violent predators is potentially 1 less victim.

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