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Boutique Business Solutions

P.O. Box 19648
Cincinnati OH 45219

Let Us Strategize For You

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Boutique Business Solutions is a Black-owned premier business consulting entity who was created to fill a void in organizational development by providing a much-needed service to small business owners and start-ups in the urban community.

Now serving the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus Ohio and Northern Kentucky area, Boutique Business Solutions is a full-service consulting entity with an ever-expanding portfolio. They work with an array of businesses; retail, communications, food industry, liquor branding, non-profit, tech and continues to open their doors to the   up and coming businesses that this era is birthing.

Often, Black business owners are disproportionately displaced when it comes to technological shifts/transitions, consumer feedback, product analyses, long-term sustainable business methods, and other strategies that are beneficial in a developing company and/or a company going through a period of re-branding. Boutique Business Solutions wants to be a supportive element in elevating small businesses as they navigate the evolving dynamics of the world of commerce.

Boutique Business Solutions’ Mission is to provide small businesses with strategies for long-term success while maintaining an elevated sense of integrity and upholding the standards of the community.

Boutique Business Solutions will tailor a strategic development plan specific to each organization it serves with the goal(s) of:
1. Setting feasible organization-goals
2. Providing direction in business forecasting
3. Work with the organization in creating a niche and building around it
4. Analyzing current business practices and providing strategic feedback
5. Diagnosing potential issues in operations and provide solutions
6. Increasing leadership and employee relations
7. Increasing business and consumer relations
8. Optimizing training
9. Providing direction in business forecasting
10. Providing strategies to help the organization/owner re-invest into his/her business

Often business owners are burdened with organizational leadership and development demands beyond their understanding. It is important to have a reliable and dependable expert to help navigate and execute strategic solutions to secure the growth and longevity of any business or entity. Boutique Business Solutions is committed to providing thorough and dependable analyses and consulting services as well as increasing the overall operations of small businesses.

Each business has different needs and demands which is why Boutique Business Solutions is committed to tailoring analyses and plans specifically to that of each client it serves. There is no one-fit-all solution and by meeting each client’s needs, they optimize the abilities for each small or growing business to not only realize its full potential within their market but to also be able to execute branding and services offered to their fullest capacities through the use of their tailored analyses and strategic planning systems.

Boutique Business Solutions wants to contribute to the progress, advancement and sustainability of small businesses, especially small black-owned businesses. Contact Boutique Business Solutions via email at or on IG @BoutiqueBusinessSol with your inquiries and Let Boutique Business Solutions Strategize For You.

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Phone: (513) 572-4662

Twitter / Instagram: @BoutiqueBusinessSol

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