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Labors of Love Counseling and Consulting

969 Reading Rd.
Suite E
Mason OH 45040

Move from coping to healing

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Labors of Love Counseling and Consulting is a Black-owned counseling and consulting company.   La Shanda Sugg, LPC, an African American counselor, owns the Cincinnati-based consulting company specializing c,  in family therapy as well as business consulting.

​Labors of Love Family Therapy:

Sessions of 3-6 people with a Licensed Professional Counselor.

​Labors of Love provides a safe space for family members to explore their complex and complicated relationships, conflicts, and past pains.   With a therapist to mediate and translate, members can express their thoughts and feelings while learning about their brains and bodies, connecting with their internal experiences, and practicing new skills.

​Labors of Love Training and Consultation:

Being trauma-responsive means not only acknowledging that people have had trauma and other adverse experiences but developing structures that create safety, empathy and build resilience. This lens impacts how an organization operates from a physical location to policy and procedures, to service provision and staff support.

Shifting organizational culture to one of trauma-responsiveness involves a combination of education and training, staff attunement and support, and ongoing follow-up through consultation. Labors of Love is prepared and equipped to support corporations, organizations, and governments on their journey.

About the Owner:

La Shanda is a therapist, trainer, and consultant. Gifted with the art of translating, she takes complex concepts and makes them relatable and easy to understand. Her realness and transparency are two of the characteristics most appreciated by clients and training participants. Her passion to help people heal and live fulfilled lives is obvious through her work both in the training space and the therapy room.

La Shanda helps people feel seen, heard, and understood.   Professionally, she is a Certified Trauma-Responsive Therapist, certified in Developmental and Relational Trauma Therapy, and trained in EMDR.   Personally, she is a trauma survivor who is dedicated to doing her own healing work.   Together, she is a compassionate human with an unparalleled ability to create safety for others.


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For more information



Phone: 513-294-8114

Twitter / Instagram: @laborsoflove513

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