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The CrownMob mobile platform will connect consumers to African-American stylists, barbers, and hair care products like never before.


CrownMob, a start-up company with a mobile platform that connects consumers to hair creatives and product retailers within the ethnic hair industry, has already beat the odds.


Being selected for a business accelerator is a fantastic accomplishment for any start-up company. Getting chosen for one of the Top 30 Business Accelerators in the country is an even more significant accomplishment. Being a Black-owned start-up company selected for a top business accelerator program is beyond noteworthy.


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CrownMob was selected for Cohort 6 of the UpTech Accelerator, a business development program for data-driven startups developing tech-enabled solutions and seeking equity funding.


Uptech selects up to 10 startups yearly to complete the 6-month accelerator program. The program is driven by intensive entrepreneurship education, one-on-one mentoring, and extensive community involvement. The UpTech Fund invests up to $50,000 per startup during the program, giving companies the capital they need to succeed.


“I feel like we got into Harvard,” said Co-founder and C.E.O. Ricardo Grant as he explained how Uptech provided funding to CrownMob to aid the company with its development.



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CrownMob is developing a mobile platform that will disrupt traditional methods of finding your next barber, stylist, and products made for people of color. The technology allows consumers to search and purchase products, discover, book, and pay barbers and stylists with a single mobile platform.


The mobile platform uses geolocation services to enable consumers to connect with creatives in their specific area. Filter options allow consumers to view products and hair creatives based on price, development, and services. Additionally, consumers can view the ratings of the creatives, photo galleries, and schedules.


The idea for this platform came from Co-founder and C.E.O. Ricardo Grant’s need to understand why women in his life found it challenging to fulfill their hair care needs.



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Grant said, “My wife ordered bundles of hair and products. I was curious about the cost. I looked at the credit card statement and saw the price for her most recent purchases exceeded $600!”


Ricardo Grant, Co-founder and C.E.O. of CrownMob

Grant researched and realized a marketplace to compare product pricing, quality, stylists, and barbers did not exist. So, he decided to build it!


Grant calls CrownMob’s technology a game-changer. “With this information available at consumer’s fingertips,” Grant says, “users can execute their buying power faster and with better insight.”


Also, the platform’s back-end features serve as a personal assistant to the hair creative or retailer. It allows them to configure and set their schedules, pricing, and services anytime.


The most surprising component of CrownMob is its basic features for hair creatives, and product retailers will be free. The product side of CrownMob will take a small commission fee on products that sell only.



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CrownMob launched in December 2017. Contact Ricardo Grant, Co-founder, and C.E.O., at [email protected], or visit CrownMob Facebook.


Written by: Crystal Kendrick


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Image provided by CrownMob

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Written by Crystal Kendrick

Publisher, The Voice of Black Cincinnati