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What you need to know about the new State of Ohio Compliant Driver’s License or identification card:


Ohio Compliant driver’s license/ID cards have enhanced security features  

To obtain the new compliant identification card, Ohioans must prove their identity

After May 3, 2023, travelers will not be able to fly within the United States without the new compliant driver’s license or ID card


State of Ohio Compliant Driver's License
Photo credit: State of Ohio BMV

The new federally compliant license or identification cards will meet national travel security requirements to fly, have access to federal facilities or military bases if necessary, and will include several enhanced security features in addition to indicating the id requirements to drive a motor vehicle or be a CDL commercial driver. These cards are also marked with a black star in the right-hand corner.


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Ohio Compliant ID Facts and FAQs:

How do I obtain the new State of Ohio compliant driver’s license or identification card?
Obtaining the compliant license or photo ID card is a slightly different process than one is used to when renewing or obtaining their standard license or identification card. Each person will need to provide the following documents:

  1. Full legal name
  2. Proof of identity and date of birth (birth certificate or passport)
  3. Government-issued social security card or number
  4. Proof of Ohio residency (utility bill or bank statement)
  5. Proof of legal presence (utility bill or bank statement)

Search Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles locations for help with expired license renewal, name change, permanent residence change, citizenship inquiries, voter registration, and more forms of identification.


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What documents do I need to get the new State of Ohio compliant driver’s license and identification card?
Applicants must provide proof of their identity (be sure to check the expiration dates as appropriate):

  1. Full legal name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Legal presence in the United States
  4. Social Security number (SSN)
  5. Ohio street address – TWO documents, from various sources, proving Ohio street addresses that are listed on the Acceptable Document List are required for proof of Ohio residency.
  6. Proof of name change (if applicable)

A few resources to obtain acceptable documents are as follows:

Ohio Compliant ID Acceptable Document List for Identification
How to Order a Certified Copy of an Ohio Birth Certificate
How to Apply for a U.S. Passport
How to Order a Social Security Card


Why do I need the new State of Ohio compliant driver’s license and identification card?
Centralizing the production and issuance of driver licenses and photo identification cards based on the Real I.D. Act will reduce fraud and identity theft in these ways:

  • Ensuring driver licenses and ID cards are issued to legitimate cardholders only;
  • Preventing loss and theft of secure materials from Deputy Registrar agencies; and,
  • Providing a more secure printing environment and reduce costs associated with security renovations at local Deputy Registrar agencies.


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Please remember that the standard State of Ohio Driver Licenses and Identification cards issued prior to July 2, 2018, will expire, and not be accepted by TSA after May 3, 2023. A standard driver’s license or id-card will need to be used in conjunction with a passport or other acceptable documents approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to fly commercially or to access a federal facility or active-duty military base.


Source:  State of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles


Ohio Compliant Driver’s License photo provided by © [Paolese ] /Adobe Stock


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Written by Crystal Kendrick

President of The Voice of Your Customer and founder of The Voice of Black Cincinnati.


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  2. I just renewed my drivers license what do I need to do to update to a compliant license? How much does it cost?
    Bill Beuerlein

    1. Thank you for visiting The Voice of Black Cincinnati. Please contact the DMV for additional information.

    1. Thank you for visiting The Voice of Black Cincinnati. We invite you to contact Ohio BMV for more information.

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