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20 Black Disney movies that are educational, touching, and entertaining for the whole family.

Use this guide to find the best Black Disney movies for kids and teens! These films, from cool Black cartoon characters to awesome Black superheroes, are perfect for family movie nights. We’ve compiled a list of Disney movies with Black main characters.

Looking for engaging Black Disney movies for kids? This list features heartwarming stories with Black characters showcasing stories by Black directors and featuring Black actors. These films highlight the beauty of being Black, making them perfect for the entire family. Disney movies with Black main characters show children heroes who look like them.

Explore these recommendations for Black Disney movies in 2024 and beyond. Each movie on this list celebrates Black culture, offering both fun and educational stories. Enjoy these inspiring stories with the entire family!

The information in this article is as current as the publication date. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information before acting.

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Rated G

Movies and sitcoms that are appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, and persons of all ages.

Saturdays (2023)

Starring: Danielle Jalade and Daria Johns
Paris, Simone, and Ari hone their rollerskating skills at Saturdays, a local skating rink in Chicago. Relive the height of rollerskating with your children and check out Saturdays. This trio exemplifies friendship and teamwork as they navigate life. This show is perfect to watch with your older children. Check out Saturdays today!

Monsters at Work (2021)

Starring: Billy Crystal and John Goodman
Tylor Tuskmon just graduated top of his class, Scarum Cum Laude, from Monsters University School of Scaring. Ever since he was a kid and terrified the entire 4th grade, Tylor has dreamed of becoming a Scarer. And now that dream is about to come true… or not. He arrives at Monsters Incorporated to begin his dream job and learns that scaring is out and laughing is in! Check out the latest season today.

Sneakerella (2022)

Starring: Chosen Jacobs and Lexi Underwood
El is an aspiring sneaker designer working as a stock boy in the shoe store that once belonged to his late mother. El finds the courage to use his talent to pursue his dream of becoming a legitimate designer. Check out this twist on the classic Cinderella story and watch Sneakerella today!

Raven’s Home (2017)

Starring: Raven Symone and Issac Ryan Brown
“Raven’s Home” is a spinoff of the iconic Disney Channel series That’s So Raven. The show follows the hilarious adventures of psychic Raven Baxter and her son Booker. Booker has inherited his mom’s gift for catching glimpses of the future. Stream the latest season on Disney+ today! See how Raven’s comedy has passed to the next generation.

Black Panther: In Search of Wakanda (2022)

Starring: Robin Roberts and Ryan Coogler
Stars of the new film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever open up about the superhero’s worldwide impact. This special explores the evolution of Black Panther from the 1960s comic to the 2018 film the world fell in love with. Check out how Black Panther impacted Black culture and watch Black Panther: In Search of Wakanda!

Rated TV-Y7

Television programs that are most appropriate for children aged seven and up.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2023)

Starring: Diamond White and Alfre Woodard
Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur follows the adventures of 13-year-old super-genius Lunella Lafayette and her 10-ton T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur. Heroes can come in all shapes and sizes. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is the perfect new show to introduce to your kids. Black kids can be geniuses, too. Check it out on Disney+ today!

Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes (2023)

Starring: Dineo Du Toit and Ian Ho
A 7-year-old African girl transforms her dancing and martial arts hobbies into superpowers. Her friends, the Kimoja Heroes, help her bring joy and harmony to the community. See how these kids shine bright and enjoy the series with the entire family. Check out Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes today! This is a perfect family series for everyone.

LEGO® Disney Princess: The Castle Quest (2023)

Starring: Auli’i Cravalho and Anika Noni Rose
Tiana, Moana, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Ariel are off on an adventure as they are each unexpectedly transported to a mysterious castle. Gaston has an evil plan to take over all the princesses’ kingdoms. Will teamwork and friendship be able to prevail? Add this fun Disney movie with the first Black princess to your list.

SuperKitties (2023)

Starring: Emma Berman and Pyper Braun
In Kittydale, an indoor playground is where children play with the place’s resident cats, Ginny, Sparks, Buddy, and Bitsy. When trouble occurs in the city, the cats’ collars flash and sound as they are called into action. Like Paw Patrol, these kitties can do anything they set their mind to. Check out SuperKitties today!

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (2023)

Starring: Jamaal Avery, Jr. and Juliet Donenfeld
Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures is set 200 years before “The Phantom Menace,” during the High Republic era. The Black Cartoon Disney series follows Jedi younglings as they study the ways of the Force and more. Watch them explore the galaxy, help citizens and creatures in need, and learn valuable skills to become Jedi.

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Rated PG and TV-PG

Television programs with parental guidance are recommended; these programs may be unsuitable for younger children.

Choir (2024)

Starring: Anthony White and The Detriot Youth Choir
“Choir” is a 6-part documentary series following the Detroit Youth Choir as they prepare for the performance of a lifetime. Through their eyes, we experience the highs and lows of life growing up in Detroit. While navigating the challenges of balancing family, school, and athletics, they dream of taking their talents to the next level.

Iwájú (2024)

Starring: Simisola Gbadamosi and Dayo Okeniyi
Set in futuristic Lagos, Nigeria, this original animated series tells the exciting coming-of-age story of Tola. Tola is a young girl from a wealthy island, and she explores her tech-savvy best friend, Kole. Together, they discover the secrets and dangers of their different worlds. “Iwájú” is a unique collaboration between Disney and Pan-African entertainment company Kugali.

Self (2024)

Starring: Searit Huluf
A wooden doll who desperately wants to fit in makes a wish upon a star, sparking a journey of self-discovery. Her desire to blend in with her peers leads her down a harmful path. Now, she is challenging her perspective of her identity and where she belongs. Can she find herself again?

Mila in the Multiverse (2023)

Starring: Laura Luz and Rafaela Mandelli
Mila is 16 years old, traveling through the multiverse searching for her mother, Elis. Mila and her mother have a complicated relationship, but she will soon realize this is the least of her problems. As she travels, she discovers the existence of multiple universes. She faces The Operators, a mysterious and dangerous group that wants to exterminate all universes except their own.

Iwájú: A Day Ahead (2024)

Starring: Olufikayo Ziki Adeola and Hamid Ibrahim
Filming across three continents, “Iwájú: A Day Ahead” shares the story of the founders of the Pan-African comic book company. Kugali made their dream a reality by creating an original animation series with Walt Disney Animation Studios. Created by the ABC News Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios team, the documentary shows anything is possible.

Doctor Who (2024)

Starring: Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson
The Doctor and his companion, Ruby Sunday, travel across time and space. Throughout their adventures in the TARDIS—a time-traveling ship shaped like a police box—they encounter incredible friends and foes. Their adventures span eras, from the Regency era in England to war-torn future worlds. What happens when they meet a terrifying bogeyman and the Doctor’s most powerful enemy yet?

Madu (2024)

Starring: Anthony Madu
Anthony Madu leaves his home in Nigeria to study at one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world. The 12-year-old began his dance journey practicing in the streets of Lagos and rose to the stages of England. His journey is a story of courage, growth, extraordinary obstacles, unexpected complications to his dreams, and his search for belonging.

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Rated PG-13

Parents are strongly cautioned about movies as some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

The Marvels

Starring: Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris
Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, has reclaimed her identity from the tyrannical Kree and taken revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But unintended consequences see Carol shouldering the burden of a destabilized universe. When her duties send her to a wormhole, her powers become entangled with Kamala Khan and Captain Monica Rambeau. Together, this unlikely trio must team up and learn to work in concert to save the universe as “The Marvels.”

Rated TV-14

Television programs that may be unsuitable for children under 14.

Bobi Wine: The People’s President (2023)

Starring: Bobi Wine and Natasha Liu Bordizzo
Born in the slums of Kampala, Bobi Wine risks his life to fight the ruthless regime led by Yoweri Museveni. Museveni has been in power since 1986 and changed Uganda’s constitution to run for yet another five-year term. Running in the country’s 2021 presidential elections, Bobi Wine uses music to denounce the dictatorial regime and support his mission. During campaigns, he must also take on the country’s police and military, who use violence and torture to silence people.

The Space Race (2024)

Starring: Ron McNair and Leland Melvin
The Space Race uncovers the little-known story behind the race to put the first Black man into space. The story encapsulates Cold War propaganda and Civil Rights mishaps that span the United States, Russia, and Cuba. Referred to by historians as “the last battle of the Cold War,” three men were championed and used as tokens. Each country used these men in an ideological war that shaped our history.

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Black Disney movies offer a wonderful way to celebrate diversity and enjoy quality family time. These films highlight positive Black characters and stories that resonate with the Black community. Watch and share these movies and foster a love for diverse storytelling among children of all ages.

Everyone has seen them, but what do movie ratings mean? If you’re still unsure if a movie is appropriate for your children, the Motion Pictures Association offers more information, including an interactive guide on understanding TV and movie ratings.

Did we miss your favorite Black Disney movie or show? Please let us know what Black Disney movie or show we missed in the comments or at The Voice of Black Cincinnati.

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