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Mercy Montessori is a top choice for preschool and elementary school

Mercy Montessori, a leading Catholic school in Cincinnati, provides personalized education for preschoolers and students from kindergarten through 8th grade. Located in Walnut Hills, Mercy Montessori offers a child-centered curriculum based on faith-based education principles, indoor and outdoor classrooms, and engaging student activities.

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With an A+ school report card rating, Mercy Montessori also offers these elementary education attributes:

  • Small class sizes
  • Low teacher-student ratios with online access to student records and work assignments
  • Diversity among students, staff, and administrators
  • Safe, convenient location with stringent security profiles and regulations
  • Tuition assistance that includes Ohio Ed-Choice vouchers, scholarships, and financial aid
  • Outdoor “farmessori” instruction that focuses on planting, harvesting, caring for the chickens and bees, and learning environmental sustainability

Mercy Montessori’s curriculum develops individual academic and active learning plans, incorporates Christian beliefs, and nurtures creativity in a structured format that fosters leadership, critical thinking, and success in life and, ultimately, of heaven.

Mercy strives to “educate the whole child” by encouraging and supporting students’ academic, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth.

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  • Mercy Montessori School
  • Mercy Montessori School
  • Mercy Montessori School

The Mercy Montessori open house gives families seeking early childhood education and elementary school options an opportunity to:

  • Learn more about a Mercy Montessori education
  • Ask questions
  • Interact with school faculty and leadership
  • Tour the school


If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Grimm at 513-475-6700 or [email protected] or visit our website at

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About Mercy Montessori Preschool and Elementary School

Mercy Montessori is an independent school that accepts and respects each child as an individual, unique in their own religious beliefs, cultural heritage, and capabilities. The student population of Mercy Montessori includes children from all racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and intellectual backgrounds.

Mercy Montessori preschool, elementary, and high school draws from 60 greater Cincinnati, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky neighborhoods. Every child is encouraged to search for their part in the Cosmic Plan, and mutual respect for individual rights is strongly emphasized and consistent with the overall philosophy of Montessori education.

Mercy Montessori is accredited by the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association and the State of Ohio Department of Education and is a full member of the American Montessori Association.

Deaunna “Dee” Watson is excited to join Mercy Montessori as the Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). Dee is the first elementary school DEI director within the Mercy Education system of 55 schools around the globe. Ms. Watson will work to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion at school so that all those who are part of the Mercy community feel a sense of belonging.

dee watson | Mercy Montessori School
Dee Watson, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

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Written by: Crystal Kendrick

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