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Game Time Budgeting

Game Time Budgeting

260 Northland Boulevard
Suite 300
Cincinnati OH 45246

Phone: 513-813-3275

Developing behaviors to improve short-term and long-term financial outcomes

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Game Time Budgeting is a Black-owned financial wellness firm that cares about economic fitness and empowers clients with simple, effective fiscal management strategies that assist in developing behaviors to improve short-term and long-term financial outcomes.


The idea to start Game Time Budgeting came after frustration with all the ways people can go into debt. Every form of debt, from credit cards to student loans to car loans, was irritating to the point where Al decided to become part of the financial management solution.


The lessons learned by Game Time Budgeting president Al Riddick, along his journey to debt freedom, have been incorporated into the company’s teaching materials. This Black-owned business is the result of listening, coaching, planning, organizing, analytical thinking, presentation, and the facilitation skills of their team.


Game Time Budgeting is devoted to helping clients regain the financial control they may have lost after years of just getting by living check-to-check or simply going through the motions without a clear sense of direction. All it takes is coaching, information (turned into knowledge when applied), and the desire to change. This Cincinnati financial management company can assist in shifting someone’s financial outlook.  


Game Time Budgeting Clients


  • GE Aviation
  • Cardinal Health
  • CVS Health
  • Kroger
  • Macy’s
  • McCormick
  • Toyota
  • UPS
  • University of Cincinnati


Make 2023 your year to get financially fit.


It is easy to forget the importance of making money behave or setting financial goals. Considering the last two years were consumed with a pandemic, supply chain issues, and travel interruptions, it is not hard to understand how consumers might wish to engage in revenge spending. However, this behavior can often lead to missed opportunities to repay credit card debt, student loans, or build an emergency fund.


Unfortunately, due to inflation, those hard-earned dollars are not going as far as they once did. This could help explain why Americans are finding it difficult to save money. The personal savings rate is now at 2.4 percent. This savings rate reflects the percentage of people’s incomes left after they pay taxes and spend money. It also confirms the importance of the need to find extra money.


This year presents another opportunity to create the financial future you desire. The first step is creating financial systems that produce predictable and consistent results every month. Although some may not have done this in the past, that does not mean the chance to make money behave has passed.


People who excel in personal finance develop a specific mindset, learn new behaviors, and create simple systems that produce easy-to-duplicate results. This concept should not be hard to believe, considering there are certain aspects of life where this has already proven true.


How exciting would it be if, by next December, to have more money than month, 100 percent control of your spending, a four-figure savings account balance, less debt, and more retirement savings? Make this a reality. Decide whether 2023 will be a year of financial fitness.


To help in your pursuit of financial freedom, Game Time Budgeting offers its Game On – A Financial Fitness Experience online course for only $50 (save $100). Enter the code VOBC at checkout and start turning money mystery into money mastery as you follow their step-by-step four-week learning track.


Financial fitness is possible. Remember, it is better to spend more time planning what to do with the next dollar you’ll earn before spending the dollar you have.


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Image provided by Game Time Budgeting

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Phone: 513-813-3275

Twitter / Instagram: @alriddick11

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