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Tips to make you feel rich and protect your mental health!


What does it mean to feel rich?

How to feel rich on a budget

How to enrich and protect my mental health


The average American needs approximately $2.3 million to feel rich or consider themselves wealthy (2019 Modern Wealth Survey).   However, the numerical classification of “rich” does not automatically imply that someone’s quality of life is rich. If you have not yet reached the multimillionaire status, that does not mean you cannot feel rich and protect your mental health in the process.


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Check out these nine tips to feeling rich and protecting your mental health:


1. Share new experiences with loved ones:  If you are adventurous, locate your nearest park and make plans to bathe in nature. Also, while exploring a hiking trail, do not forget to pack a picnic basket for lunch.


2. Practice random acts of kindness:  Doing something for someone who could not do anything for you in return allows you to practice generosity.


3. Have more meaningful conversations with friends:  Discussions within your circle of influence should not involve more complaints about what is wrong with the world. In other words, a great tip is to propose solutions to make things better.


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4. Accomplish a goal:  When you wish for something to happen, that usually implies no plan of action. However, the thing you have been saying you will do, determine the next step to move forward. Then, get to work. Time is a precious commodity so make the most of it.


5. Revisit moments of joy:  Those pictures on your smartphone that you hardly ever look at are an excellent place to start. For instance, if you are more seasoned in age, track down some old photo albums and reminisce about the old days.


6. Call an old friend or acquaintance:  Remember the last time you heard from someone you had not spoken to in years? That feeling of reconnection made your day. Nothing prevents you from reliving that moment. So, call the people you thought of while reading this. (However, sending a text message does not count).


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7. Read more: Other tips include reading an enjoyable book will allow you to go on an emotional journey within the comfort of your own home. Also, if you enjoy sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, or non-fiction, turn to page one and begin.


8. Engage in arts and crafts: Doing more of what makes you feel good is exciting and promotes feelings of happiness. If, for example, you enjoy the process of painting, playing an instrument, or learning a new language, try to engage in these activities with more frequency.


9. Dance like nobody’s watching:  Express yourself in any way you see fit, even if you are a little offbeat. Besides, the world would be boring if everyone moved to the same beat at the same time.


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You have 100% control over when you begin feeling rich because these tips only require you to act. However, waiting until tomorrow or the day after will postpone what you secretly desire to feel today. On your mark, get set, go!




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Al Riddick, President and founder of Game Time Budgeting

About the author, Al Riddick
Al Riddick offers financial tips and is President of Game Time Budgeting, an award-winning, financial fitness company that assists others in developing behaviors to improve their short- and long-term financial outcomes. He is the author of The Uncommon Millionaire. Also, he has two workbooks The Uncommon Millionaire’s Guide to Financial Fitness and Money $mart Teens.   In addition, Al has been featured in Black Enterprise and Money magazines, on radio and ABC, CBS and NBC affiliated television stations.


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