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Home is where your heart is...we offer affordable home repairs.

Cincinnati home repair needs? Call JB Handy-Man for the solution!


JB Handy-Man is a Black-owned and family-operated business with more than thirty-five years of experience. Specializing in roofing, drywall, painting and home improvement, our crew prides themselves in making costly repairs affordable, one Cincinnati home repair project at a time. Just call 513-344-2468/513-851-0404 for your Free Estimate. People are usually contacted within 24 hours, and the cost will be able to fit within your budget. 


In today’s economy, plumbing issues, home and costly car repairs are the least desirable among the ‘honey do’ list. Everyone does not have the talent or skill to make these repairs, yet you want your home and automobile to be well cared for.


James has been working in Cincinnati home repair and has been a professional painter for well over thirty-five years. The customer receives quality craftsmanship. So when you’re in need of home improvement, own a business and need walls put up, desire a freshly painted room or perhaps that man cave you’ve been dreaming of, and yes even a tune up car repair be sure to call JB Handy Man. 



About the Owner
James Burns was born and raised in the Cincinnati area. His father was a skilled mechanic having retired from the Volkswagen Dealership in the Walnut Hills Community. His Dad taught him many trade secrets from age fifteen. Later, as a young adult, James worked many years for Just Saab and became very close with their owners. He attributes his love of the trade to his father of course, and Dave the Just Saab owner, who he worked under for more than eighteen years. James comes from a large and close-knit family. The family of eight children lost their parents at a young age, and the eldest brother down to the youngest are all talented when it comes to quality skilled craftsmen. The Burns’ family also runs an auto body shop and has for the past thirty years.


James and Rita Burns additionally are the blessed owners of the Community Outreach Program, Jewell’s Academy of Music and Arts under the leadership of Pastor Peterson Mingo, Christ Temple Church in the beautiful Evanston Community.


We welcome you to our business, and we pride ourselves in caring for your home because we realize that… Home is where your heart is!


Call 513-344-2468 to take care of all of your Cincinnati home repair needs!

For more information

Email: rita.burns@yahoo.com

Phone: (513) 975-9134