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Learn how to make money walking from your bedroom to your desktop with these remote jobs.


– Find out which keywords to use when searching for a work-from-home position.

– Learn how to find remote positions near you.  

– Apply to legitimate work from home jobs today!


Nowadays, there are multiple ways to make income from the privacy of your home. Whether you are a college student, retiree or like the comfort of your sofa more than an office, remote jobs known as work-from-home-jobs, not only provide extra cash when you need it but can lead to more prominent roles and financial stability. Below is a list of work from home jobs.


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Technical Support Associates (TSAs) are technology experts and foster a culture of innovation and agility to raise the bar for technical support in an evolving environment of interconnected devices and services.
Average hourly earnings: $15+
Work experience required: N/A
Training requirement: E-training


Choose from a variety of career fields including but not limited to: data entry, customer support, billing, typing, and administrative. Must be at least16 years old with PC skills. Part-time and full-time shifts available.
Average hourly earnings: $21
Work experience required: N/A
Training requirement: N/A


Ciox Health
Assign ICD-10-CM codes to diagnoses from the care plans and documentation submitted by the client. Must have CD-10 Home Health and OASIS Certification.
Average hourly earnings: $19
Work experience required: 2+ years
Training requirement: N/A


Cincinnati teen positions are open for the summer.  


Respond to inbound phone calls, provide live demos with customers on video, translate “tech speak” into every day written and understandable terms.
Average hourly earnings: $18
Work experience required: 1+ year
Training requirement: E-training


Digital Reach Agency
Provide in-depth tracking, paid media plans, B2B digital marketing, and data attribution.
Average hourly earnings: $20
Work experience required: 3+ years
Training requirement: N/A


Dish Network/Sling TV
Install/upgrade cutting edge technology relocate power, place mounts, satellite dishes, televisions, routers, cameras, receivers, whole-home connectivity technology, and many more products/services.
Average hourly earnings: $14
Work experience required: N/A
Training requirement: Online


Enterprise Holdings
Responsible for answering questions, researching reservations and billing. Must be able to handle 80-100 incoming calls.
Average hourly earnings: $14 plus bonuses/benefits
Work experience required: 1+ years
Training requirement: 3 weeks in-person


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Use video communication software (SmartLook) to interact with customers, help TurboTax customers with tax advice, return preparation, product/software inquiries and tax calculations.
Average hourly earnings: $20
Work experience required: 2+ years
Training requirement: E-training


Prime Therapeutics
Receive incoming calls from members, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices, investigate and resolve inquiries while adhering to HIPPA guidelines. High School Diploma or GED required and one year of customer service experience.
Average hourly earnings: $10
Work experience required: 1+ years
Training requirement: E-training


ProEdit, Inc.
Create online learning modules, live web-based training sessions and training guides. Must be proficient in Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate.
Average hourly earnings: $30
Work experience required: Bachelor’s Degree, samples required
Training requirement: N/A


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Teach a classroom of up to 4 students between 5-12 years of age through an online platform. No lesson planning required.
Average hourly earnings: $20
Work experience required: Bachelor’s degree or certificate
Training requirement: E-training


Teach 25-minute online English lessons for students.
Average hourly earnings: $22
Work experience required: N/A
Training requirement: E-training and mock class.


Career Builder
Various remote jobs across the county
Average hourly earnings:   Varies
Work experience required: Varies
Training requirement: N/A


Some need a second chance. These Cincinnati companies are felon friendly.  


During your search, it is a clever idea to sign-up for job e-mail alerts to ensure that you do not miss any opportunities. You have the option of receiving these notifications on a daily or weekly basis. If you are feeling a bit more tech-savvy, many companies offer mobile apps that will send push notifications directly to your phone. If you feel there are any companies we left out, let us know at The Voice of Black Cincinnati.


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Work from Home Frequently Asked Questions

What keywords should I use when searching for a work from home position?
– In your search, include terms like “Remote,” “Telecommute,” “Virtual,” “Freelance,” “Work Remotely,” “Home-based,” or “Work from Home.” Be sure to include at least one of these keywords so that it does not restrict your search. Also, it is helpful to explore search engines that are dedicated to work-from-home positions such as Flexjobs, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor. When searching, if a regular search is not showing the results that you are satisfied with, it is a good idea to perform an advanced search.


How do I find a legitimate work-from-home job?  
– Performing a broad search could add hundreds of unwanted results and add additional time to your job search. Not all work-from-home jobs are offered by companies who are out of state. There are many local companies offering opportunities in various fields that may be of interest to you. According to, the top companies to work remotely for include VIPKID, TTEC, Dell, Kelly Services, and Intuit. Check out the link for a complete listing of top companies.


How do I know if a work from home company is legit?
– It is easy to fall into the trap of illegitimate companies offering a chance of a lifetime, only for you to realize that it was all a scam. Scammers realize that there are millions of Americans out there searching for ways to make extra money and they would love to get their hands on your personal information and leave you as a victim of identity theft. Thoroughly investigate the name of the company to ensure that it is reputable. A simple Google search or BBB search will guide you through this confusion.


Remember, when searching for remote positions, be sure to check the source of the listing. Go Phish! (or not!) Phishing sites are sites that are designed to look real, but they’re created to be harmful. These phishing (or spammy) sites that may potentially download viruses onto your computer or mobile device. The Federal Trade Commission has excellent tips on how to spot a phishing scam.


The next time you apply for your next remote position, keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be on your way to securing your future career. Happy searching!



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