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Infant mortality rates among African American babies in Hamilton County are three times greater  than non-African American babies. Racial disparities in infant mortality can sometimes be a result of delayed prenatal care or having a preterm birth (before 32 weeks).

Black maternal health should be considered a priority for communities and healthcare providers. Empowering Black moms can reduce infant mortality rates among African Americans and protect Black life.

The Maternal & Child Health Care Coordination Program provided by Health Care Access Now (HCAN) assists mothers living below federal poverty guidelines in having a healthy pregnancy, delivery and ongoing medical care. Each mom is partnered with a community health worker trained to assist women with pregnancy resources and parenting support.


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Maternal & Child Health Care Coordination Program Services:

  • Connections to community-based prenatal care
  • Holistic approach and support for pregnant women
  • Assist to identify goals for housing, food and financial support for pregnant mothers and mothers with children from birth to age 18
  • Guidance in making healthy choices including smoking cessation
  • Parenting and pregnancy support for fathers, partners and caregivers
  • Educational support for breastfeeding and safe sleep
  • Self-care strategies to assist management of stress and healthy relationships, and work and family balance
  • Behavioral support and resources for postpartum depression
  • Assistance with medical, dental and behavioral health care appointments


Maternal & Child Health Care Coordination Program Eligibility:

  • Expectant mother or mother/guardian with children birth to age 18
  • A resident of Hamilton County
  • Current medical insurance with Buckeye, United, Molina, CareSource


Maternal & Child Health Care Coordination Program Community Health Worker:

Community health workers are trained to assist clients with eliminating barriers to focus on their overall health care. Community health workers are required to complete more than 100 in-class hours that address the core competencies such as general health, social services, advocacy, CPR, lifespan development, communication and more. After completion of the program, graduates are certified by the Ohio Board of Nursing.


Apply for the Maternal & Child Health Care Coordination Program

Become a community health worker


About Health Care Access Now (HCAN):

Health Care Access Now (HCAN) employs community health workers to assist mothers and their families in navigating the network of health and pregnancy-related services. In doing so, program-eligible expectant mothers and parents of children birth to age 18 in Hamilton County are set on a path to a healthy lifestyle. Community health workers empower, advocate, educate and support mothers, fathers and families.


Contact HCAN today:

Health Care Access Now
2602 Victory Parkway –  Cincinnati, OH 45206
(513) 707-5697,  [email protected]

Sponsored by the Ohio Commission on Minority Health.

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Written by Crystal Kendrick

President of The Voice of Your Customer and founder of The Voice of Black Cincinnati.

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