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The Urban League of Greater Southwest Ohio (ULGSO) is dedicated to empowering black and historically underserved communities, striving for social and economic justice. By offering various workforce development programs, ULGSO aims to enhance individuals’ skills, knowledge, and abilities, increasing their employability and opening doors for career advancement.

These programs play a vital role in fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce capable of meeting the demands of the global economy. ULGSO is combatting poverty, inequality, and social injustice through workforce development, providing economic mobility and empowerment opportunities.


Understanding Workforce Development Programs

Workforce development programs are tailored to equip individuals with marketable job skills in high-demand industries. In addition to skill development, participants receive coaching, support, and resources to explore career options, improve their resumes, strengthen personal branding, and secure employment opportunities that align with their aspirations and interests. As a result, enrolling in these programs can lead to positive outcomes:

  • Increased income and wealth
  • Greater self-confidence and self-reliance
  • Enhanced access to opportunities and resources
  • Heightened social impact and community engagement


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ULGSO’s Offerings

ULGSO takes pride in its diverse workforce development programs, designed to help individuals achieve their career and business goals. Some of the programs offered include:

  • S.O.A.R. (Solid Opportunities for Advancement and Retention): This program assists the unemployed and underemployed, providing intensive training over two weeks. Coaches guide participants in resume development, career exploration, conflict management, business etiquette, employment readiness, and job placement.
  • Financial Empowerment Center: This comprehensive program offers various services and support to help individuals and families achieve financial stability and self-sufficiency. Services include financial coaching, credit counseling, and economic empowerment workshops.
  • Employment Connections: This program includes successful job training initiatives that prepare participants for in-demand roles in healthcare, customer service, IT, and other industries experiencing growth in employment opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Services: Designed for low-income young adults, this program assists in creating career plans, training, and obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment. The focus is on building upon participants’ strengths, improving their skills, and meeting their unique needs to foster thriving individuals and families.
  • Ohio to Work: Focused on career pathways in IT, Healthcare, and Manufacturing, this program brings together ULGSO resources to reach job seekers in the Dayton area. It expands coaching, support services, career resources, training programs, and funding options for covering training costs.


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Benefits of Workforce Development Programs

  • Career development: Get access to career centers that offer career counseling, career planning, career services, and career path exploration. You will learn to identify your strengths, interests, values, and skills and match them with suitable occupations. You will also receive assistance in setting realistic and attainable career goals and developing strategies to achieve them.
  • Job search: Learn how to conduct an effective job search using various tools and techniques. You will get tips on how to create a professional resume and cover letter, how to network and use social media, how to research employers and labor-market trends, and how to prepare for interviews. You will also have access to job centers that offer job listings, job fairs, job referrals, and job placement services.
  • Skill training: Gain valuable skills in high demand in the current and future workforce. You will also improve your soft skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and work ethic, which are essential for any occupation.
  • Advising: Support from dedicated coaches and mentors who will guide you throughout your journey by providing personalized feedback, encouragement, motivation, and accountability.

By joining the movement today, take advantage of all that ULGSO’s workforce development programs and career advisors offer.


Join the ULGSO Movement

ULGSO’s commitment to economic empowerment and social justice for black and brown communities is a transformative movement.

ULGSO can help individuals looking for a new job or a career change. ULGSO’s career center and job center offer various services and resources. These services assist you in finding a job that suits your skills, interests, and goals, allow access to career information, job search strategies, and job opportunities, and teach you how to create cover letters. The staff provides personalized assistance to help with resume writing and interviewing skills.

ULGSO has connections with employers hiring for full-time or part-time jobs and temporary employment. With ULGSO’s help, individuals can find jobs matching their qualifications and aspirations through job fairs and networking events.

For a new career, a better job, or a skill upgrade, ULGSO has something for everybody. Receive expert guidance, support, and resources to help achieve career goals and aspirations. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and your future.

Enroll now and discover the benefits of ULGSO’s workforce development programs.


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How to Enroll

For those interested in these programs, visit ULGSO’s website, or contact them at [email protected] or 513-281-9955. To register, complete a form on the website, and a program coordinator will guide you through the next steps.




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Image from Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio.

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