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Discover Black Artists, Black Jewelry Artisans, and Black Museum Exhibits.

A treasure trove of creativity and heritage lies in the heart of Cincinnati’s Black-owned art galleries. The dynamic visual art spaces showcase the works of talented African American artists and serve as pillars of the city’s diverse art scene. From contemporary masterpieces to reflections of African American history, the galleries offer artistic expression that celebrates Black culture in Cincinnati.   

Explore the intersection of art, culture, and community within Cincinnati’s Black-owned galleries, Black artists, museums with Black art, and African American history walking tours. Each exhibition has captivating historical and cultural narratives woven by African American artists, from fine art to artifacts and sculptures.    

This article is as current as the publication date. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information before acting. 

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Cincinnati Black-owned Art Galleries  

A.R.T. Art Resource Team  

506 Wyoming Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45215 (Wyoming) 

A Black woman-owned art gallery that sources and curates artwork for residences and businesses nationwide. The studio art focuses on contemporary art, abstract, and painting. Original art, unique glass, and handmade jewelry are offered.  

The painting studio is also located within the gallery, where many abstract, modern paintings on canvas are hanging and available for purchase along with other Black artists. A.R.T. Art Resource Team is known for sourcing contemporary original art pieces and prints at all price points. 

A.R.T. Art Resource Team Black-owned Art Gallery

4038 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223 (Northside) 

A Black-owned art gallery of traditional and contemporary arts and artifacts from Sub-Saharan Africa. The exhibit fully displays curated visual arts such as African statues, sculptures, figures, masks, ritual objects, earthenware, textiles, ceramics, tribal currencies, portraits, and paintings. Bronze figures, plaques, unique sculptures, terracotta, musical instruments, weapons, ceramics, seats, jewelry, beadwork, and dolls are also showcased.

The gallery celebrates the African experience by highlighting the history, varied cultures, and ethnic groups of sub-Saharan West Africa. The owner, Lowery Joseph Clark, has been an avid collector of African art since the early 1970s. The collection reflects Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone artwork. 

Joseph Clark Art Black-Owned Art Galleries display

Cincinnati Black-owned Jewelry Art Retailers 

Junebug Jewelry Designs 

1327 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (OTR) 

Black woman-owned accessory boutique selling natural stone necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, handcrafted mixed metal, silver, and copper. The one-of-a-kind and limited-edition designs are bold and beautiful.  

Black-Owned Art Galleries and Jewelry

IMGBAT – Jewelry, Art & Engraving 

25 Village Square, Glendale, OH 45246 (Glendale) 

Black-owned jewelry, art, and laser engraving retailer offering unique necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, chains, custom-engraved items, and permanent jewelry. Based in Cincinnati, the jewelry pieces are inspired by sci-fi, fantasy, and mythology. Each piece has a unique name and origin story, written and illustrated on laser-engraved metal cards that accompany the piece. Items are available to shop at an all-new storefront in Glendale and online. 

IMGBAT unique Jewelry in silver

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Cincinnati Black Artists and Public Art 

Black Art Speaks 

A Black-owned art gallery of traditional and contemporary arts, Black Art Speaks, is a non-profit and membership-based art collective formed to promote Black culture, social justice, and expression by uplifting Black artists’ voices through every art form.  

The team consists of artists who are united by a vision to improve Cincinnati and the rest of the world. BAS’s founding members include a diverse network of practice artists of all career levels, business leaders, and community organizers. See the Cincinnati Black Lives Matter mural.   

The Black Lives Matter Mural in Downtown Cincinnati: Black-Owned Art Galleries


Artworks is an award-winning Greater Cincinnati nonprofit that creates community-based public art and provides career opportunities for artists of all ages. The organization collaborates with community organizations and residents, businesses, governments, foundations, and non-profits to build creative works of art that bolster the region’s global reputation as an arts destination.  

Artworks have designed and installed more than 50 public art exhibits that tell the untold stories of African Americans’ contributions to the rich history and vibrancy of the greater Cincinnati region. Book a mural tour today.    

Artworks 'The Hands that Built our City"

Cincinnati/NKY Museums Featuring African American Art Exhibits 

Behringer-Crawford Museum 

1600 Montague Rd, Covington, KY 41011 (Northern Kentucky)   

The museum offers a small exhibit on the first floor highlighting Pullman Porters. The exhibit features photographs and advertisements, a railroad car toilet (1930), a sleeping room bathroom sink (1930), and a railcar sleeping room bathroom mirror and lamp (1930). The museum also features a waste can and razor depository (1930), a Norman Rockwell painting (1950), a Pullman car berth lamp (1925), a traveler’s trunk (1900), and a brass luggage rack from a Pullman car (1930). A replica of the Black Brigade Flag is also on display on the third floor.

Behringer-Crawford Museum: Pullman Porters

Cincinnati Art Museum: Multiple Black Pieces  

953 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Mt. Adams) 

The African Art Collection 

The museum acquired the Steckelmann collection of nearly 1,300 objects in 1890, forming the core of the museum’s holdings. The museum’s African collection focuses on objects from central and western Africa. Objects are chosen for aesthetic merit, reflecting the region’s rich artistic traditions. General admission and parking are free, and lunch in the cafe is always delicious. 

The African art collection at the Cincinnati Art Museum

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The Two Sisters Painting 

The Two Sisters piece is part of Wiley’s 2012 series of paintings, An Economy of Grace. The oil-on-linen painting is massive, nearly nine feet tall, and features two African American women in white gowns. The painting is in the Conversations Gallery, just off the museum’s main entrance and lobby. Previously, the artist Kehinde Wiley created a portrait of former president Barack Obama that showcased the ability to paint Black people in naturalized ways.    

The Two Sisters Painting at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Contemporary Arts Center: Jayson Musson 

44 E 6th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Downtown) 

Jayson Musson created “His History of Art” for a 2022 artist residency at The Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM). “His History of Art” uses humor to explore and critique commonly studied works of art. Musson— who wrote and directed the series and performed onscreen as “Jay,” attempts to educate a skeptical puppet sidekick, Ollie. Jay and Ollie journey through time, from the prehistoric era to the present, and ask the art historical icons questions and listen to “first-hand” accounts. The explorations beg the question: is art history still crucial to daily life? If so, why and how?   

CAM Jayson Musson

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center 

50 E Freedom Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (The Banks) 

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is the preeminent cultural learning center for inclusive freedom — locally, nationally, and globally. The Freedom Center is a collective heritage and a complete history uniting the local and national communities. Enjoy free admission on the fifth and third Sunday of each month.  

Several permanent exhibits are showcased, and the Freedom Center also hosts a variety of special traveling exhibitions throughout the year. Membership options are also available for anyone wanting to join the growing network of modern-day abolitionists. Membership perks include unlimited general admission, discounts on guest tickets, discounted admission to the Cincinnati Museum Center, and more.      

The Freedom Center: one of the exhibits

Robert O’Neal Multicultural Arts Center  

1201 Linn Street, Cincinnati, OH 45203 (West End) 

ROMAC is the home for Cincinnati’s African American history collection from the 1800s to the 1960s. The art center provides infrastructure and stability to emerging artists and entrepreneurs and elevates the capacity of professional artists. In conjunction with art and history exhibitions, cultural and heritage programs, theatrical performances, and educational programs, the ROMAC will be a pipeline for creatives of color for the region’s branding and design community. Hours are by appointment.   

ROMAC exhibits

Taft Museum of Art: Duncanson Murals  

316 Pike St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Downtown) 

The Duncanson Artist-in-Residence Program was established in 1986 to honor the achievements of contemporary Black American artists working in various artistic disciplines. Enjoy the intimate setting of the circa 1820 historic house and modern museum wing and grab a bite in the Lindner Family Café. Admission is free on Sundays and Mondays. 

The Duncanson Murals at Taft

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As the exploration of Cincinnati’s Black-owned art galleries, museums, and walking tours end, keep the spirit of cultural appreciation and community connection alive. Sustain the momentum by attending upcoming exhibitions, participating in guided tours, and supporting local artists. Involvement enriches experiences and fosters a vibrant and inclusive arts community in Cincinnati. 

In addition to the Black Artists, Museums with Black Exhibits, and Black Jewelry Artists, The National Center of Afro-American Artists (NCAAA) is a private, not-for-profit institution committed to celebrating the art heritage of the African American and African diasporan cultures in the visual and performing arts.

Join in celebrating creativity, diversity, and the spirit of cultural exploration in Cincinnati’s African American art scene, where seasoned art enthusiasts and curious newcomers will find boundless inspiration. 

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