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Discover enriching academic programs empowering Cincinnati’s youth with hands-on learning and mentorship opportunities.

Cincinnati is a vibrant city committed to nurturing the potential of adolescents through academic and extracurricular youth programs. Enrichment programs provide invaluable opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and community engagement.

Children begin to learn life skills as early as elementary school. Education happens inside the classroom and at home but is reinforced through enrichment programs.

From STEM-focused workshops to creative arts exploration, Cincinnati youth enrichment programs cater to diverse interests and learning styles. Mentoring and tutoring programs are available for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school students, helping with academic achievement, leadership development, career goals, and more.

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By investing in youth enrichment, the Black community in Cincinnati fosters a generation of empowered, educated individuals ready to make a difference.

Information is as current as the publication date. Readers are encouraged to confirm info before acting.

black girl building a robot in a STEM class | Cincinnati youth education programs
Youth enrichment programs may help with academic achievement, leadership development, career understanding, and more for children of all ages.

Unlocking Potential: Cincinnati STEM Youth Enrichment Initiatives

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) enrichment programs play a crucial role in equipping Cincinnati’s youth with the skills needed to thrive in an increasingly technological world. Hands-on programs encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation through engaging activities and real-world applications.

Technology Program

Wesley Chapel Mission Center
(513) 721-6204
Ages: Youth
Boys and Girls

Students are introduced to coding, robotics, drones, 3D printing, video editing, and green screens. The highly engaging program equips students with skills and knowledge to help youth thrive in a high-tech world and gardner interest in technology-related career fields.


The Gaskins Foundation
(888) 674-9990
Ages: 6-18
Boys and Girls

Increase math, science, and technology opportunities while experiencing a hands-on, fun environment. The program encourages youth to enroll and participate in advanced math and science classes.

STEM Girls

Cincinnati Museum Center
(513) 287-7000
Ages: 7–14

Discover authentic and relevant STEM experiences in this free program. Visit labs, facilities, and offices of women actively working in STEM fields.

Girls STEAM Academy

Queen City (OH) Chapter of The Links Incorporated
Ages: 11–14

Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math professionals and mentees conduct engaging and informative workshops and experiences for all involved. African American female students in grades 8 and 9 are welcome to join.

Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. ~ Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter
Ages: 11–14

Exposes young ladies to scholarships in math, science, and technology. Young women learn about service, sisterhood, and cultivating interpersonal relationships among peers.

black ballet class | Cincinnati youth education programs
Youth education programs will help children develop responsibility, community service, social awareness, and other skills to prepare for greatness.

Nurturing Creativity: Arts and Music Enrichment for Young Minds

Artistic expression and creativity are essential components of a well-rounded education. Cincinnati’s arts and music enrichment programs offer a nurturing environment for young talents to flourish. From visual arts classes to theater workshops and music lessons, these programs cultivate self-expression, confidence, and an appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives.

Otto M. Budig Academy

Cincinnati Ballet
(513) 621-5219
Ages: 2 and up
Boys and Girls

World-class training to develop artists and aspiring dancers for the Cincinnati ballet.

Modern Jazz & Creative Dance

MamLuft & Co. Dance
(513) 494-6526
Ages: 3-18
Boys and Girls

Dance programming for young people ready for more severe environments and more advanced expectations.


Q-Kidz Dance Team
(513) 331-4871
Ages: 4-18
Boys and Girls

Dance instruction and educational programs that aim to develop strong character, confidence, teamwork, and a success-oriented mindset for Cincinnati youth.

Studio Art Program

BLOC Ministries
(513) 250-5722
Ages: 5-18

The Arts building offers studio spaces for various artistic pursuits, such as drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, and dance performances. It caters to kids from grades 1-12 in a relaxed, creative environment that encourages friendship and self-expression through art.

Art Classes

Cincinnati Black Theatre Company
(513) 241-6060
Ages: 7–12
Boys and Girls

Interactive and fun theater education and training classes teach kids to work together. Subjects include dance, acting, vocals, and more.

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The Cincinnati Image

Millville Recreation Center
(513) 352-4351
Ages: 7–17
Boys and Girls

Learn to drill, drum, and dance on a team that offers a fun and exciting way to express individuality through music and movement. No prior experience is needed, just a passion for creativity and teamwork. Meetings are 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday for practice or sign-up.

Cincinnati Boychoir

Cincinnati Boychoir
(513) 396-7664
Ages: 8-18

Enhances and deepens every boy’s creative expression, community engagement, and cultural appreciation through the vocal arts.

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company Acting Classes

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
(513) 381-2273
Ages: 10-18
Boys and Girls

Weekly acting classes where students work on creative collaboration and teamwork through the theatrical arts. Scholarships are available.

Artworks Apprenticeship

(513) 333-0388
Ages: 14-21
Boys and Girls

ArtWorks Apprentices are passionate young artists who work alongside Teaching Artists to create public art and community impact projects.

Creative Programs

(513) 721-5800
Ages: Youth
Boys and Girls

Creative programming at Elementz is uniquely designed to provide space and support for cultural artists to be exposed to and refine skills in music production, movement, storytelling, or visual expression. Elementz embraces and leverages the richness of Hip-Hop culture to continue helping young people be catalysts of change and engage in creative futures.

Happy black woman crouching, cultivating a flower garden, copy space
Cincinnati youth discover the wonders of nature through immersive outdoor programs that spark curiosity and teach environmental stewardship.

Getting Outdoors: Explore Nature and Stay Active

The outdoors and athletics offer enriching opportunities for Cincinnati’s youth to connect with nature and engage in adventurous activities. Programs focused on outdoor engagement foster an appreciation for the environment while promoting physical activity, teamwork, and personal growth.

Saturday Hoops

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative
(513) 324-7727
Ages: 3–18
Boys and Girls

Provides a variety of creative, instructional, and physical activities meant to stimulate, engage, model cooperation, and, most of all, have fun.

Youth and School Gardens

Civic Garden Center
(513) 221-0981
Ages: 5–18
Boys and Girls

Children strengthen and develop a connection to the natural world and learn to grow food through school gardens.

A Path to Promise

Cincinnati Urban Promise
(513) 972-4777
Ages: Youth
Boys and Girls

Cincinnati Urban Promise programming nurtures youth through leadership, career prep, and hands-on agriculture experiences. Every youth development program at CUP has some agricultural component. All students engage in planting, growing, and harvesting. Students also hatch and raise chickens each spring.

Findlay Street Athletic Program

Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses
(513) 407-5362
Ages: Youth
Boys and Girls

The Findlay Street Athletic Program is a safe haven and second home for kids in the West End neighborhood. The organization provides the neighborhood youth access to competitive sports and athletic activities (baseball, martial arts, boxing, exercise class, dance, and basketball).

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Youth Circus Camp

My Nose Turns Red
(859) 581-7100
Ages: 7–18
Boys and Girls

Learn how to juggle and balance on the rolling globe and the basics of creating a clown character. Students play various circus games that build teamwork, cooperation, trust, and friendship.

Gardening Program

Isaiah 55, INC
(513) 456-7770
Ages: Youth
Boys & Girls

Designed to educate and guide young people in making better decisions to break the cycle of poverty, lead more successful lives as adults, and contribute to society. The gardening program will teach community members how to grow, harvest, and prepare food, the benefits of growing food, and the importance of giving back by feeding the less fortunate.

Boyz II Men Athletes

First Generation Leaders of America
(513) 479-0457
Ages: 10-15

An enrichment mentoring program provides content on Leadership Development, Career, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Athletics.

Happy Diverse School Children And Teacher Woman Having Class Sitting At Desk In Classroom At School. Modern Education And Knowledge Concept. Selective Focus
Dedicated teachers foster academic growth through personalized guidance in Cincinnati’s after-school enrichment programs.

Beyond the Classroom: Academic Support and Training

After-school enrichment programs are vital in supporting academic success and personal development. Cincinnati’s tutoring and mentorship initiatives provide students with personalized attention, guidance, and a safe environment to explore interests and receive additional academic support.

Homework Help at the Library

Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library
(513) 369-6900
Ages: 5-14
Boys and Girls

K-8th-grade students can get no-cost, one-on-one homework help in reading and math at local library branches.

Academic Intervention

Inner City Youth Opportunities
(513) 731-7312
Ages: 5–18
Boys and Girls

Individualized or small group instruction on critical fundamental skills, such as reading, phonics, writing, vocabulary, math, science, and social studies.

2024 EMBODI ACT Prep Course

Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated
Ages: Grades 14-16
Boys only

A six-session ACT prep course. Sessions will be held on Saturdays for six consecutive weekends.

Black Girls Stay Lit

Black Girls Stay Lit
Ages: 14–18

A locally based literacy movement that affirms, supports, and empowers Black female adolescents. The innovative educational programming combines evidence-based cultural and gender-specific approaches to positive development, strongly focusing on quality literacy instruction and practice.

Multiracial group of friends outdoors smiling and having fun. International students happy together looking at camera. Portrait of young people from generation Z . Intercultural relations, community.
Cincinnati’s personal growth programs foster teamwork, resilience, and civic engagement, empowering youth to become confident leaders and positive changemakers.

Enriching Experiences: Life Skills for Young Minds

Teens need personal growth and youth development programs. Personal growth initiatives empower young people with essential life skills, character building, and a strong sense of values. Participants gain skills to overcome challenges, cultivate meaningful relationships, and positively contribute to the community.

Safety Training

R.E.A.L. Truth
(513) 371-1971
Ages: All
Boys and Girls

Public safety training, active shooter preparedness, and self-defense classes. The program’s mission is to educate, teach, and train the community and beyond on who, what, when, where, and how to protect oneself and one’s loved ones.

Youth Programs

Boys & Girls Club of Cincinnati
(513) 421-8909
Ages: 5-18
Boys & Girls

The program provides out-of-school activities and initiatives to develop youth’s leadership skills, academic success, career readiness, and community involvement. Through character-building experiences, the programming aims to empower young people to become responsible, caring citizens and positive societal contributors.

Sigma Beta Club

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Ages 8-18

Focuses on culture, athletics, social and educational needs by developing values, leadership skills, and social/cultural awareness during a youth’s developmental years.

Transformation Camp

(513) 543-4275
Ages: 13-17
Boys and Girls

The camp addresses youth behavior and violence utilizing a Restorative and Transformative approach. Youth take a tour to explore the real-life consequences of behavior and how behaviors feed systems.

Youth Development Program

Cincinnati Museum Center
(513) 287-7000
Ages: 13–18
Boys and Girls

Volunteer at the museum, meet new people, participate in college preparation and tours, and attend summer trips.

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Achievers Program

YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
Ages: 14–18
Boys and Girls

College readiness and career exploration programs provide teens with essential tools to pursue higher education and identify career opportunities.

Empact Fellowship

BYE Institue
(513) 549-2538
Ages: 14-18
Boys and Girls

Through empowering programs, youth gain tools, meaning, and belonging. Opportunities are provided to support personal, educational, and professional growth.

Culture & Wellness Center

Sweet Sistah Splash
(513) 332-1575
Ages: All

Comprehensive services aimed at empowering youth through cultural/artistic enrichment, economic development, and holistic health. Tailored programs uplift women, children, men, and especially women of color.

Portrait of smiling dark-skinned man wearing a denim jacket with his arms crossed over his chest, guy has dark hair, braids, a business meeting of a group of employees is going on in the background
Gain confidence and prepare for a career.

Preparing Youth: Workforce Development for Cincinnati’s Youth

Training, skills development, and real-world experience programs equip young individuals with the tools to excel professionally. Workforce development initiatives empower youth to become productive, engaged, and valuable members of society.

Young CEO Program

Young CEO Program
(513) 616-4362
Ages: 10-21
Boys and Girls

The Young CEO Program offers enrichment opportunities through mentorship and hands-on learning, such as multimedia production, social media, and event coverage. The program strives to provide access for all students in the greater Cincinnati area to explore entrepreneurship as a pathway to success.

Camp E.V.E.

Never The Less, INC
(513) 918-2989
Ages: 14-17

Enroll in an 8-week summer enrichment program to equip young women with essential career readiness skills that can be applied in the real world. Never The Less programs enhance the potential of high school students, encouraging graduation and preparing the youth for employment, career choices, and a more positive future.

Teen Docent Program

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
(513) 333-7500
Ages: 14-18
Boys and Girls

Expose teens to the museum environment to improve the student’s historical perspective and professional leadership skills.

INROADS College Links Program

(888) 520-8691
Age: 14-18
Boys and Girls

A college and career readiness program provides high school students with professional and soft skills tools. Tools include goal-setting and planning skills and access to career immersion activities.

Youth Employment

Santa Maria Community Services
(513) 557-2700
Ages: 16-24
Boys and Girls

Santa Maria Community Services provides free job-readiness training to low-income individuals. The organization aims to develop citizens who improve communities and neighborhoods by promoting economic opportunity.

Employment Connections

Urban League of Greater Cincinnati
(513) 281-9955
Ages: Youth
Boys and Girls

Employment Connections comprises several successful job training programs that train participants for in-demand job skills that lead to living-wage employment opportunities in healthcare, customer service, IT, and other industries experiencing employment growth.

beautiful american african student feeling excited as they engage in Cincinnati Youth Enrichment Programs
After-school and mentorship in Cincinnati prepare students for success.

Shaping Futures: Teaching Leadership to Tomorrow’s Visionaries

Initiatives specifically geared towards providing enrichment opportunities for underrepresented minority youth, focusing on empowerment and access.

Guiding Light Mentorship

Guiding Light
(513) 541-9777
Ages: Youth
Boys and Girls

Mentee-mentor relationships focus on employment readiness and family environments. Advocates support coaching, tutoring, and individualized goals plans. The mentee agrees to commit to a mentee-mentor relationship for one year and is willing to meet with a mentor for at least one hour a week.

Kings & Queens

Save Our Youth
(513) 801-8943
Ages: Youth
Boys and Girls

Mentorship and after-school activities to prevent youth gun violence. Save Our Youth hopes to reach out to people with no hope, offering something different while encouraging a safe and productive future.

Youth Enrichment

Found Village
(513) 378-5865
Ages: 13-19
Boys and Girls

The initiative aims to provide a wide range of out-of-school programs and activities to support the academic, social, emotional, and developmental needs of youth and connect youth affected by abuse, neglect, or trauma to community resources.

Leaders of Tomorrow

National Black MBA Association
(404) 260-5444
Age: 14-18
Boys and Girls

Cincinnati youth tackle a countywide problem and then design and implement a plan to address the issue locally. The program offers participants resources, knowledge, and opportunities through mentoring relationships, scholarships, and internships.

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Beautillion Militaire

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. ~ Queen City Alumnae Chapter
Ages: 16-18

Promotes the educational and personal development of African American high school junior and senior males. Youth are exposed to monthly activities such as career and life choices, interviewing skills, resume writing, community activities, and more.

Debutante Cotillion

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. ~ Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter
Ages: 16-18

Enhances young girls’ personal, professional, and civic development through workshops, events, and rehearsals. All while cultivating scholarship, achievement, self-confidence, grace, and good citizenship.

Delta GEMS

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. ~ Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter
Ages: 14–18

GEMS provides support and tools to develop academic skills. The programming assists girls in setting proper goals and planning for their future.

Child, school books and happy for education, learning and development at a table in a house. Face portrait of an african girl kid or student with a smile, knowledge and happiness while studying.
Cincinnati’s enrichment organizations nurture well-rounded youth from STEM to arts, athletics to civic engagement.

Empowering Future Leaders Through Cincinnati Youth Enrichment Programs

Investing in Cincinnati youth enrichment programs is essential for the growth and success of the Black community. Initiatives provide educational support and empowerment to young individuals. Community members can significantly impact the lives of many future leaders by getting involved and supporting the enrichment programs.

Cincinnati youth enrichment programs empower youth to explore passions, develop essential skills, and unlock potential. By fostering a love for learning and providing diverse opportunities, programs contribute to the growth and success of the city’s future leaders.

Engage with Enriching Programs and Mentorship

Cincinnati and the Black community can nurture the next generation of innovators, artists, and changemakers who will shape the city’s future. Participating in Cincinnati youth enrichment programs produces young adults who succeed in life.

Readers are encouraged to contact The Voice of Black Cincinnati to share additional Cincinnati youth enrichment programs and resources. Explore the opportunities, share the resources, and help build a brighter future for Cincinnati.

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