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22 Black Self-Help Books to Add to Your Reading List


Books by Black authors.

Black poetry books.

Self-help books for African Americans.

Self-improvement books to read.


Many people want to change their approach to life in many different areas but often don’t know how. These Black authors tackle everything from childhood and adult trauma, physical and emotional insecurities, intentional dating habits, securing financial success, leadership and more. This list of Black self-help books includes a book for everyone. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information before purchasing.


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Self-help Books

Career/ Finance

Cincinnati Black AuthorsMoney Seeds: 30 Financial Principles (2017)

By Lawrence Cain
Money management is not always the easiest. Let this book assist you with attaining clarity around your finances and strategies to succeed financially.





The Nonfiction Outline Book: How to Write a Book Includes 50 Outlines (2017)

By Frankie Johnnie
This book is perfect for nonfiction authors as it shares strategies to streamline your argument and then outline which keeps you from repetitions or tangents which is essentially book fluff.  




The Uncommon Millionaire: Financial Success Begins with Behavior (2016)

By Al Riddick
Al’s common-sense approach is mixed with humor accompanied by personal stories of financial challenge and triumph. Also, his story will capture your attention and prompt you to maximize your financial potential.




Cincinnati Black AuthorsVision. Future. Reality: How to Budget Like a Boss (2016)

By Emerald Sparks
Take back control of your pocketbook and live the life you want to live.




The Capacity to Succeed (2014)

By Melvin J. Gravely, II, Ph.D.
In The Capacity to Succeed, Dr. Mel Gravely unpacks a well-researched approach for minority firms to build an ongoing capacity to succeed.  




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UnRefinedUnRefined: Still Learning, Still Growing (2020)

By Kiya Renee
In this third anthology, Kiya Renae provides her readers with an intimate look into her life, her thoughts, her experiences, and the highs of highs and the lows of lows through reflective pieces. She dares her readers to look within, remove the masks, and meet them for the first time.




Cincinnati Black AuthorsAgainst All Odds, Persevere! Finding Peace Through the Pain (2018)

By Veronica McCall
This is a book of several short stories of real women sharing their testimonies of loss and grieving, domestic violence, divorce, suicide, feelings of hopelessness, being a teenage mother, a single parent and more.  



Finding My Sparkle (2018)

By Morgan Angelique Owens
A story of finding self-love… through low self-esteem, weight issues, self-hate and self-empowerment. Find your inner sparkle.





Cincinnati Black AuthorsLife… Before and After Cerebral Palsy (2018)

By Tammy Floyd-Westmoreland
In this story, a Cincinnati black author allows us into her life to show us what it was like being a young teen mother of a child with a disability. She talks about the trials and tribulations as well as dealing with diversity and disappointment.  



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Cincinnati Black AuthorsUnwavering Perseverance (2017)

By Mary Wineberg
The story of Olympian and Cincinnati Black writer Mary Wineberg is of extraordinary perseverance. She overcame astronomical odds and monumental challenges to grace the top step of the Olympic Podium.




As Sure As Tomorrow Comes (2017)

By Danielle and Christopher Jones
Cincinnati Black writers Danielle and Christopher Jones were married for better or worse. Unemployment. A car accident. A terrifying medical diagnosis. The death of their 10-day-old son, Junior. They never imagined they would experience all those things in their first few years of marriage!




Black Girl Magic Within

 By Carol Tonge Mack
From the opening of Carol’s memoir to the final pages, you see a life that has endured the challenges of not only being an immigrant to the shores of the U.S. but specifically as an immigrant who is also black and female.  Carol’s memoir is told with love, humor, wisdom and most of all a sense of endurance – the kind of endurance endowed with the magic of being a black woman.


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We Live for the Political Power of We BookWe Live for the We: The Political Power of Black Motherhood (2019)

By Dani McClain
A warm, wise, and urgent guide to parenting in uncertain times from a longtime reporter on race, reproductive health and politics.




Cincinnati Black AuthorsBold Love: A Letter to My Young Sisters (2016)

By LPC, Terri M. Bolds MS
Bold Love speaks to young ladies and women who may not understand their behaviors’ pathology.




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Biblical Role Models: A Guide to a Deeper Marriage (2019)

By Antria Goss
This book will help you understand God’s purpose for our lives and is designed for use by couples, marriage classes, and group studies.




Wise Up Challenge: Keys to Living a Wealthy, Successful, and Fulfilling Life (2018)

By Chenelle B. Price
Are you up for the challenge? The Wise Up Challenge was created to impact people of all ages and backgrounds and serve as a devotional that motivates and inspires God’s people.




Healing Beauty BookHealing Beauty (2018)

By Nicole Lee
As a Barber and Cosmetologist, you make one feel more balanced because you are working with their Crown (head) Chakra (energy space between body and spirit). Learn the power connection of the human touch.




I Call on You Sis: A Journal for Women and Girls Everywhere (2019)

By Zvisinei Dzepasi Mamutse
This book is to help underprivileged girls in Zimbabwe better manage their lives through puberty education. In a world filled with loneliness, depression, suicide and jealousy, we must be mindful of our response when called upon. Proceeds go to the publication of a Puberty Education Handbook for Girls.


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Looking Glass: A Man’s Reflections Within the Scope of Dating & Relationships (2019)

By Vernon V. Jackson, Jr.
Looking Glass is for women looking to experience a rare glimpse of a man’s transparency. Furthermore, it is for men looking for better ways to relate to their feelings and articulate them in healthy positive ways within their relationships.




Woman to Woman: 10 Ways Women Sabotage Relationships (2019)

By Juli Long-Brooks
CEO of iCandi Productions is on the list of Cincinnati black writers who share their experiences with love and heartbreak. Juli shows you how you can overcome the valleys and stand on top of your mountain or even say to the mountain, “be moved!”



Cincinnati Black AuthorsBeautifully Graced, Broken Beginnings (2017)

By Precious Carter
This is a story of life, its ups and downs and ultimately love. Love is a powerful thing, it motivates, builds up, encourages and causes triumph. May all who read be blessed and encouraged.



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4 Black Poetry Books to Add to Your Bookshelf Right Now


April’s Rain Must Fall (2022)

By Robert E. Miller
A blend of distinctive poems intended to ignite the readers’ emotions toward relationships, cultural relativism, and God’s gift of love and help them recognize the majestic beauty of nature and art.




Maggieglenn’s Poetic Expressions (2021)

By Margaret Gray-Davis
Features poems on social justice, including respect for the rights of minorities.





Cries From the Dark Side of the Moon (2019)

By Lauren M. White
This emotional thriller shares real stories and experiences of black women with a poetic twist. Each story allows the opportunity for self-discovery, connection, and self-reflection.





When Love Rises (2019)

By Michelle G. Stradford
In this beautiful collection of contemporary poetry and reflections, you will discover the many sides to love that exists, from the pain of heartbreak to the unrestrained joy of the first flutter of a new romance.




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If there are any Cincinnati Black writers we have missed and should be added to our Black self-help book list, please submit the title, author, year published, a 25-word description, a .jpg or .png image of the cover, and a link to purchase to [email protected].  



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The Voice of Black Cincinnati



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