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Find a Black church in Greater Cincinnati With Your Faith and Aspirations.

Embarking on a quest to find the perfect Black church in Cincinnati? Whether new to the city or a longtime resident, discovering a congregation that aligns with specific beliefs is paramount. The comprehensive church guide caters to residents and visitors seeking specific denominations, rewarding the quest for a perfect spiritual fit in Cincinnati.  

This article is as current as the publication date. Readers are encouraged to confirm information before acting. 

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Looking for a specific denomination? Use the table of contents below: 

Cincinnati Black African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Churches 

Allen Temple AME Church 

Weekly livestream service, virtual Bible study 
7080 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45237 (Bond Hill) 
(513) 531-7539 
Website |  Facebook 
Founded in 1824, Allen Temple AME Church became the first Black congregation west of the Allegheny Mountains to provide autonomy and equality in worship. Since then, the church has expanded its impact, initiating programs like The Allen Temple Real Estate Foundation, and opening a new Life Activity Center in 2014 to enhance its ministries. The primary mission of the church is to provide Christ-centered leadership, enrich worship through biblical arts, and mentor a new generation of leaders for the Greater Cincinnati community. 

Quinn Chapel AME Church 

Weekly livestream service, weekly bible study, health, and youth ministries 
10998 Southland Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240 (Forest Park) 
(513) 825-4900 
Website | Facebook 
In response to the desire of free men and women to worship freely in the 1860s, Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church was established in Glendale, Ohio. The congregation relocated to Forest Park, Ohio, in 1980, where the current church now occupies six acres of land. Quinn Chapel’s mission is to minister to spiritual, social, and physical needs through biblical teachings, spread the gospel of Christ, and enhance social development through ongoing programs. 

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Cincinnati Black Apostolic Churches 

Greater Bethlehem Temple Church 

Weekly livestream service 
4781 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223 (Northside) 
(513) 681-9665 
Website | Facebook 
Greater Bethlehem Temple Church upholds the belief in the inspiration of the Bible as the word of God and acknowledges the oneness of God revealed in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The church emphasizes the name of God as Lord Jesus Christ, the virgin birth, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, baptism in Jesus’ name, and receiving the Holy Ghost as essential for spiritual birth. Living a holy and sanctified life is an integral aspect of faith at Greater Bethlehem Temple Church. 

Greater Emanuel Apostolic Temple 

Weekly livestream service 
4781 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223 (Finneytown) 
(513) 681-9665 
Website | Facebook 
The Community of Greater centers its worship around Jesus, prioritizes family, and focuses on serving the community. The aim is to strengthen faith, family, and relationships inside and outside the church through intentional fellowship and ministry. Greater Emanuel emphasizes personal development and integrity, inviting individuals from diverse backgrounds to experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. 

Cincinnati Black Baptist Churches 

Corinthian Baptist Church 

Weekly livestream service, youth, and outreach ministries 
1920 Tennessee Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45237 (Bond Hill) 
(513) 221-7351 
Website | Facebook 
A group of Christian men and women established Corinthian Baptist Church in Avondale in 1868. The church has endured various name changes due to logistical issues. Over the years, it has experienced significant growth and development, including the construction of a new building in 1964 and subsequent expansions in 1990 and 2010. The church emphasizes worshiping God in spirit and truth, nurturing spiritual growth, and continuing its legacy of faith. 

First Baptist Church of Cumminsville

Weekly livestream service, community outreach
3640 Roll Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, 45223 (South Cumminsville)
(513) 681-3100
The First Baptist Church of Cumminsville was founded by Peter and Sarah Fossett. In 2023, the Cincinnati Preservation Society dedicated a historical marker to honor Peter and Sarah Fossett at First Baptist Church of Cumminsville. Today, people can attend Sunday services dedicated to worshipping God and spiritual growth.

Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church 

Weekly livestream service, senior transportation, food pantry 
9991 Wayne Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45215 (Lincoln Heights) 
(513) 552-3678 
Website | Facebook 
Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church is dedicated to sharing God’s love and proclaiming the gospel through worship, Christian education, and social engagement. The primary mission is to transform individuals, families, and communities into the Kingdom of God through evangelism, preaching, teaching, fellowship, and community services centered on the word of God. 

New Jerusalem Baptist Church 

Weekly livestream service, transportation, youth ministry 
26 W North Bend Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45216 (Carthage) 
(513) 821-0704 
Website | Facebook 
New Jerusalem Baptist Church, a vibrant, Bible-centered community, deeply engages in all aspects of local life and actively cultivates youth leadership for Christ. The church emphasizes the commandment to love one’s neighbor as oneself, stressing genuine care for individual well-being and communal harmony based on Matthew 23:39. The community promotes a holistic approach to faith and social responsibility, prioritizing compassion, and service toward others. 

Cincinnati Black Catholic Churches 

Church Of the Resurrection Catholic Church 

Weekly livestream service, community outreach 
1619 California Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45237 (Bond Hill) 
(513) 242-0400 
Established on August 1, 2010, the Church of the Resurrection is in Cincinnati’s Bond Hill neighborhood. The church emphasizes community involvement, hosting events like “Jazz on the Lawn” and honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream through local initiatives each January. Known for its diverse spirit-filled worship and community service, the Church of the Resurrection is a compassionate, multigenerational Catholic community. The church continuously engages people through stewardship, service, ministry, and faith. 

St Joseph Catholic Church 

Sunday mass 
745 Ezzard Charles Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45203 (West End) 
(513) 381-4526 
Website | Facebook 
Since 1846, St. Joseph Catholic Church in Cincinnati’s West End has stood as a pillar of faith, remaining resilient and adaptive throughout its history. Guided by a mission based on 1 Peter 2:9, the church emphasizes worship, fellowship, and outreach to a diverse community spanning the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky suburbs. 

Woman Worshipping in a Cincinnati Black Church
Attend Sunday service at a Black church in Cincinnati.

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Cincinnati Black Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Churches 

Metropolitan CME Church 

Weekly livestream service 
2815 Melrose Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206 (Walnut Hills) 
(513) 861-6749 
Metropolitan CME Church is a wonderful place to worship God and fellowship with others.

Towns Chapel CME 

In-person and online Bible study, weekly livestream service 
1349 Chamberlain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45215 (Lincoln Heights) 
(513) 733-4046 

Cincinnati Black Church of God in Christ (COGC) Churches 

Bread From Heaven Outreach Ministries 

Weekly livestream service, Sunday school 
2929 Springdale Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45251 (Mt Healthy) 
(513) 742-9400 
A family-oriented ministry dedicated to loving people and standing firmly on the word of God. 

Good News Church of God in Christ  

Weekly livestream service, Sunday school, Tuesday Bible study, youth, and women ministries. 
1063 W North Bend Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45224 (College Hill) 
(513) 542-7643 
Website | Facebook 
Founded in 1972, Good News Church of God in Christ relocated to North Bend Road in 1980. Experiencing growth, the church constructed a new sanctuary in 2010 with seating for over 450 people and transformed the old sanctuary into a fellowship hall. The church emphasizes family empowerment and the mission to “WIN THE LOST AT ALL COST.” 

Cincinnati Black Episcopal Churches  

Saint Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church 

Weekly livestream service, Bible study, youth ministry 
810 Matthews Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45215 (Lincoln Heights) 
(513) 771-4828 
Website | Facebook 
Established in 1930, Saint Simon of Cyrene Episcopal Church originated to address spiritual and social needs. Named after Simon of Cyrene, believed to be one of the earliest African followers of Jesus, the church initially operated from a small house in Woodlawn Terrace, now known as Lincoln Heights. The Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer serves as more than just a worship book; it outlines the standards, rituals, and beliefs of the Episcopal Church. 

St Andrew’s Episcopal Church 

Weekly livestream service, food pantry 
1809 Rutland Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45207 (Evanston) 
(513) 531-4337 
Founded in 1894, a historically Black Episcopal Church in Cincinnati’s Evanston neighborhood, northeast of downtown, actively engages in social justice and community initiatives. As part of the Episcopal Church within the Anglican Communion, it upholds the goodness of all people and supports transformative journeys toward a closer relationship with the divine through traditional, forward-moving, and sacramental practices. 

Cincinnati Black Jehovah’s Witness Halls 

Despite diverging from mainstream doctrines, Jehovah’s Witnesses identify as a Christian faith. They believe in God as the creator and recognize Jesus Christ as God’s Son. However, they do not adhere to the doctrine of the Trinity, which asserts that God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are unified as one God. 

Kingdom Hall 

3041 Gilbert Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206 (Walnut Hills) 
(513) 961-4674 

Kingdom Hall 

2044 W Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240 (Fairfield) 
(513) 825-3731 

Cincinnati Black Non-Denominational Churches 

Abundant Life Faith Fellowship  

Youth group, children’s ministry, community service 
2740 Hyannis Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45251 (Mt. Healthy) 
(513) 742-1159 

Citygate Church Forest Park  

Weekly livestream service, youth ministries, outreach services 
11450 Sebring Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45240 (Forest Park) 
(513) 315-2418 
Citygate Church Forest Park believes in actively reaching out to rescue the lost through building relationships, sharing personal testimonies, and extending invitations. The church holds the Holy Bible as the sole authoritative word of God. It upholds the doctrine of the Trinity, affirming God’s coequal and coeternal existence in three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—and teaches the foundational beliefs of salvation through grace by faith in Jesus Christ. 

Endeavor Church 

Weekly livestream service, Bible studies 
18 Triangle Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45246 (Springdale) 
Endeavor Church has a primary goal of developing a Christ-centered ministry with the following principles: 1) evoking others to not be idle worshipers but to become doers of the word through inclusion and service, 2) being a beacon of hope and encouragement, and 3) following the path that God has directed. For all power belongs to God, so where God leads, I am willing to go. 

Light of the World Church 

Weekly livestream service, youth ministry, outreach services 
2550 Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45239 (Colerain / Groesbeck) 
(513) 818-8318 
Website | Facebook 
Starting with a small group in 2006, Light of the World Church has since grown to reach more people with the Gospel message. The church emphasizes the core beliefs of Christianity, including the triune nature of God, Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection, salvation by faith, and the authority of the Bible. Through preaching, worship, and creative outreach, the church strives to present the timeless message of Jesus Christ clearly and compellingly, impacting lives and communities. 

Renew Community Church 

Weekly livestream service 
2129 W North Bend Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45224 (College Hill) 
(513) 681-3340 
Website | Facebook 
Renew Community Church holds the Bible as God’s authoritative word and affirms Jesus as the Son of God. The church fosters open dialogue and mutual communication, emphasizing love, care, and service without judgment. Core priorities include promoting excellence, discipleship, and leadership training, encouraging believers to replicate their faith, and fostering realness and fellowship within the community. 

Word of Deliverance 

Weekly livestream service, Wednesday Bible study, fitness fellowship 
693 Fresno Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240 (Forest Park) 
(513) 851-9673 
Website | Facebook 
Word of Deliverance Ministries for the World, Inc., focuses on equipping believers, saving the lost, and teaching God’s word effectively. The vision is to take the word globally through various media and ministries, breaking down barriers and promoting godly character. The ministry values holy living, sanctification, excellence, and obedience to God’s word, embracing all in love without regard to differences.   

Zion Global Ministries 

Weekly livestream service, Bible study, food pantry 
9180 Cincinnati Columbus Rd, West Chester Township, OH 45069 (West Chester) 
(513) 531-1888 
Website | Facebook 
Zion Global Ministries envisions a worldwide community of baptized believers dedicated to fulfilling God’s Kingdom purpose on earth. The mission involves reclaiming God’s territory through evangelism, education, restoration, and construction. The ministry emphasizes the triune God, the authority of the Bible, and the significance of Jesus Christ’s life, death, resurrection, and imminent return. 

Attend a service at a Cincinnati Black Church!
Cincinnati Black churches foster community.

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Cincinnati Black Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Churches 

Clifton Seventh-Day Adventist Church 

Online Bible studies, sermon series, kids, and youth ministries  
3800 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220 (Clifton) 
(513) 221-1221 
Website | Facebook 
Beliefs focus on the triune nature of God, salvation through Jesus Christ, and the significance of prayer and the Sabbath. Core values include respecting all, reflecting God’s love, fostering prayer, embracing diversity, pursuing spiritual growth, and engaging in outreach to better the world for God’s glory. 

Shiloh SDA Church 

Weekly livestream service, Sunday school, newsletters. 
3660 Washington Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229 (Avondale) 
513) 961-5684 
Website | Facebook 
Founded in 1913, the Shiloh Seventh-Day Adventist Church has impacted Cincinnati for over a century, starting with 10 charter members and expanding to its current location in Avondale. The church remains dedicated to sharing the gospel and serving the community through various ministries and outreach efforts. 

Each congregation offers a unique experience, from spirited worship to supportive fellowship. Individuals can visit various churches, join the traditions, and connect with like-minded individuals. The guide simplifies this journey, offering insights into multiple denominations and unique offerings. Whether searching for Baptist, Methodist, or non-denominational congregations, the list has it all. 

Whether new to the city or a longtime resident, Cincinnati’s Black church community provides a welcoming space to nurture all spiritual journeys. Individuals can embrace diversity and find the community that resonates most deeply with their individual beliefs and aspirations. 

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