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Explore our list of Cincinnati African American doctors accepting new patients.


See Cincinnati African American doctors for preventative and patient care, referrals, and specialties.

Connect with Cincinnati African American practitioners at medical centers, urgent-care facilities, clinics, outpatient facilities, and private practices.

Request an appointment with a board-certified Cincinnati Black physician for the flu, seasonal illnesses, urgent care, or routine visits.


Establishing trust, comfort, and understanding is essential when visiting the doctor. Mental health and physical health care services are vital to the well-being of Black men, Black women, and Black children.

Make appointments with these medical professionals for exams, prescriptions, immunizations, and screenings. They are only a phone call away for checkups. Find your medical home and receive quality health care.

Those who need more urgent care are encouraged to visit the Cincinnati Health Department, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, or University Hospital.

The intake status of these doctors is subject to change.


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Black Primary Care Doctors and Family Physicians


African American primary care physicians, internal medicine, family health, and family medicine providers in Cincinnati.


Dr. Michael B. Dulan

Dulan and Moore Dulan Family Wellness Center
1000 Columbus Avenue, 45036 (Lebanon)


Dr. Rosalind Moore Dulan

Dulan and Moore Dulan Family Wellness Center
1000 Columbus Avenue, 45036 (Lebanon)


Dr. Juanita Gains

Mercy Health Physicians
2450 Kipling Avenue, Suite 108, 45239 (College Hill)


Dr. Christopher Lewis

UC Health
3120 Burnet Avenue #406, 45229 (Corryville)


Dr. Dyatra Mitchell

The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health
5075 Parkway Drive, Suite 101, 45040 (Mason)


Dr. Patricia Okocha

Mercy Health Physicians
2135 Dana Avenue, Suite 400, 45207 (Norwood)


Dr. Emmett C. Roper

Mercy Health Physicians
5150 Sandy Lane, 45014 (Fairfield)


Dr. Anisa Shomo

UC Health
3120 Burnet Avenue, 45229 (Corryville)


Dr. Prudence Tante-Takougang

Queen City Physicians
6350 Glenway Avenue, 45211 (Western Hills)


Dr. LeRoy Vickers

Mercy Health Physicians
6540 Winton Road, 45224 (College Hill)


Dr. Stephen Wilson

Mercy Health Physicians
1230 West Kemper Road, 45240 (Winton Woods)


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Black Cardiology/Cardiologists


Looking for a cardiologist? See below for a list of  African American heart doctors in Cincinnati.


Dr. Joe Hackworth

Mercy Health Cardiology
4101 Edwards Road, Floor 2, 45209 (Rookwood)


Black Chropractic/Chiropractors


Looking for a chiropractor? See below for a list of  African American chiropractors in Cincinnati.


Dr. Jamila K. Maddox

Cincinnati Healing Arts
3559 Reading Rd #103, 45229 (Avondale)


Black Dentistry/Dentists and Orthodontics/Orthodontists


Looking for a dentist or orthodontist? See below for a list of  African American dental doctors in Cincinnati.


Dr. Mark Bronson

Bronson Dental
4935 Paddock Road, 45237 (Bond Hill)


Dr. Dawn Broyles

Sweet Tooth Comprehensive Dentistry
1323 Myrtle Avenue, 45206 (Walnut Hills)


Dr. April Hearns

Dentistry Details
8919 Brookside Avenue, 45069 (West Chester Township)


Dr. Monica Newby

Offices of Dr. Monica Newby
5050 Oaklawn Drive, 45227 (Madisonville)


Dr. Monica Swope

Kingdom Family Dentistry
772 Waycross Road, 45240 (Winton Woods)


Black Ear, Nose, & Throat Doctors and Otolaryngology/Otolaryngologists


Looking for an otolaryngologist? See below for a list of Cincinnati African American ear, nose, and throat doctors.


Dr. Keith Wilson

Tri Health
379 Dixmyth Avenue, 45220 (Clifton)


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Black Neurology/Neurologists


Looking for a neurologist? See below for a list of Cincinnati African American brain and spinal cord doctors.


Dr. Lester S. Duplechan

Daniel Drake Center
151 West Galbraith Road, 45216 (Hartwell)


Black Emergency Medicine


See below for a list of  African American ER doctors in Cincinnati.


Dr. Harold Taylor

Mercy Health Western Health Emergency
3131 Queen City Avenue, 45238 (Western Hills)


Black Obstetrics & Gynecology/Gynecologists


Looking for an OBGYN? See below for a list of  African American gynecologists in Cincinnati.


Dr. William R. Buckley, Jr.

Group Health
8240 Northcreek Drive, 45236 (Kenwood)


Dr. Clarence Lamb

TriHealth Women’s Services
4030 Smith Road, Suite 425, 45209 (Rookwood)


Dr. Anthereca Lane

Lane Women’s Health
891 West North Bend Road, 45224 (College Hill)


Dr. Regina Rae Whitfield Kekessi

Group Health Associates
379 Dixmyth Avenue, 45220 (Clifton)


Black Pediatric Doctors


Looking for a pediatrician? See below for a list of  African American pediatricians in Cincinnati.


Dr. Victor F. Garcia

Cincinnati Children’s
3333 Burnet Avenue, 45229 (Corryville)


Dr. Tiana Hughes

WinMed Health Services – City West
1019 Linn Street, 45203 (West End)

Black Sleep Specialty Care Doctors


Looking for a sleep specialist? See below for a list of  African American sleep doctors in Cincinnati.


Dr. Shayla L. Pullen

TriHealth Physicians
6350 Glenway Avenue, Suite 211, 45211 (Western Hills)


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Doctor Affiliations

Many Cincinnati Black doctors are members of the Cincinnati Medical Association (CMA), the National Medical Association (NMA), and the American Medical Association (AMA). Some Cincinnati Black doctors also have an active certificate to recommend medical marijuana.

Take control of your health with quality care from these compassionate, patient-centered Cincinnati African American doctors committed to the State of Ohio customer service standards and accepting new patients. Schedule appointments today using patient portals such as MyChart or by calling their offices.


Medical Debt

Medical debt is expected. Unpaid medical debt usually doesn’t disappear. Typically, outstanding healthcare bills end up in collections. A collection can turn into a lawsuit or lead to bankruptcy. Learn more about what you should do if you cannot afford your medical bills.

Getting medical debt off credit reports is now easier. The Medical Debt Relief Act of 2021 aimed to help consumers by giving them more time to pay healthcare bills and keeping most medical debt from appearing on credit reports. While the law was not enacted, its proposed changes regarding medical debt on credit reports and your rights in medical debt collection were implemented voluntarily by the three main credit bureaus.



If you find out your insurance provider won’t pay for a new prescription, or they stop covering a medication you already take, you can explore these four tips for when your medicine is not covered.


Medical expenses that may be deducted from your tax return

The IRS allows certain taxpayers to save money on their tax returns by deducting qualified medical and dental expenses. If you take the standard deduction, you cannot claim medical expenses on your taxes. You will need to itemize deductions to claim medical expenses.

Qualified expenses that could be deducted from your tax return include abortion, ambulance, birth control, dental treatments, eye treatments, hospital services, medicines, surgeries, therapy, transportation, and more. View the complete list of qualified medical and dental expenses.



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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for the mind, body, and soul. Do not forgo taking control of your health. Find a patient-centered medical home with an independent practitioner, medical group, or hospital network. Visit these doctors for annual physicals, referrals, and all other health-related matters. Preventive care is necessary.

Many Cincinnati African American doctors are near you, whether you seek a family doctor or care for yourself. Hence, contact them today and check their websites to get office hours for comprehensive care.

These doctors are here to improve the African American experience of the health system one patient at a time. Make an appointment today. Contact The Voice of Black Cincinnati to have African American doctors in Cincinnati accepting new patients added to this list.

Written by: Crystal Kendrick


The Voice of Black Cincinnati is a media company designed to educate, recognize and create opportunities for African Americans. Want to find local news, events, job posting, scholarships, and a database of local Black-owned businesses? Visit our homepage, explore other articles, subscribe to our newsletter, like our Facebook page, join our Facebook group, and text VOBC to 513-270-3880.

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